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The collapse of Earth begins quietly in the year 2048. The United Nations commits to saving the environment by utilizing all resources to eliminate dangerous areas of radiation. Major corporations rebel and attempts are made to usurp power from the U.N. -- the renegades are defeated. Corporations are dissolved and the U.N. seizes all facilities in the effort to save the planet.

In the early part of the 22nd century (2109), artificially produced "ozone replacement" begins to close the holes in the ozone layer, reducing radiation levels. For the next 400 years Earth prospers. Ecological and humanitarian problems are eliminated and the focus turns to scientific advancement. The U.N. military force ensures peace worldwide.

Combining elements of Einstein's Unified Field Theory with anti-matter physics, scientists, in 2563, create a means to explore space through "warp" technology, a new form of spacecraft propulsion. Finally, travel between solar systems becomes reality. Five years after the technological breakthrough, the first manmade probe reaches another star system, reaching speeds of eight times the speed of light. Within a decade, two fully equipped research ships are launched. Man is on his way to the stars.

Fourteen years after liftoff, all contact with Explorer 1 is lost after a frantic recorded message is received, indicating the ship was being approached by an alien entity of sorts. The crew is considered missing and presumed dead. The other exploratory ship, Explorer 2, returns in 2609, having successfully located several habitable planets in the far-reaches of the galaxy.

In the year 2615, Explorer 2 returns to space to colonize the newly discovered habitable planets. The launch barely beats an uprising on Earth the following year that eliminates the old regime and brings in a new era of Earth control by rebel forces. Sustaining damages when traveling through an uncharted asteroid field, Explorer 2 finally arrives at the new solar system in 2621. The warp generators explode due to stress factors encountered in deceleration. A small number of survivors escape and make it to a planet, dubbed New Earth. The long process of survival and colonization begins.

Reunion begins 300 years after that event. New Earth is thriving, self-sufficient, stable and free from conflict and disease. Technology is nearly on a par with that of old Earth at the time of departure and space travel is imminent. You can explore up to eight different solar systems and encounter more than ten unique alien races. The ultimate goal is to return to old Earth and reunite the peoples of Earth once again. The mystery lies in what has happened on the home planet and what wondrous life and technology can be found on new worlds.

Maintaining a cast of advisors in areas relating to your space fleet, construction, fighting forces and development is essential to gameplay. Building new structures, mining resources, researching and designing new machinery, projects and technology and managing inventory all complement the eventual exploration and colonization of new worlds. Combat is inevitable as you encounter hostile alien forces in either space or ground warfare.

Adventures in the vast reaches of space await you -- do you have what it takes to reunite the people of Earth from a galaxy far, far away in Reunion?

In the 27th century, centuries have peace have allowed great scientific progress in the development of the first interstellar warp drive. Two research ships, designated Explorer-1 and Explorer-2, are outfitted with experimental drive and sent to find new planets of colonization. Only Explorer-2 returns back to Earth. Refiited as a colony vessel, Explorer-2 is once again ready to embark when peace is disrupted. At this same time, a planet-wide rebellion stages a coup and overthrows the government. The Explorer-2, crewed by a loyalist space crew barely escapes and leaves the solar system. Years later, the Explorer-2 arrives damaged at it's destination and a colony is set up, naming it New Earth. After many generations, the colony is self-sufficient enough to develop a mission: Explore nearby space, research new technologies, harvest resources, develop a space fleet and eventually... reconquer and reunify with the Earth.

Reunion is a strategy game where players must manage the resources and development of a colony. From a central command area, players select from among different menus to control different aspects of the colony. Many of these menus also need the appropriate personnel in charge (commanders), whose skills and price tag vary. Typical menus include: The research screen where specific areas are selected, the production/buy menu which turns resources into goods, the colony building menu where construction can be scheduled and the colony's facilities managed, the galactic map where new planets are chosen for a closer look, and eventually colonization. Players can also consult with their commanders or go to "space local", the nearby bar for all the gossip. In order to produce new material, the player has six different minerals to mine and discover on various planets in the solar system.

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