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Once upon a time in the land of Gurtex, the Forces of Darkness rose up in defiance of the Children of Light. This gruesome horde of evil-doers besieged four castles/fortresses in an attempt to throw the world into an era of darkness and chaos. By pillaging villages, destroying the countryside, wreaking havoc on the population and trying to sack the castles that stand at the center of civilization, the minions of Darkness seek to overthrow peace and harmony and will fight to the death to do so. In Siege, you have the choice to play either side in this epic fantasy war game struggle. The game is played in real-time and the faster your computer, the less chance you'll have of keeping up with the fast and furious action. Fortunately, a pause command is available which allows you catch your breath and review the status of the battle. Another factor that impacts on the level of control is the difficulty option which ranges from 1 (wimpy) to 8 (hopeless). Various viewpoints are available including three zoom options that adjust the size of the particular area you're dealing with at any given time.

The four structures that come under siege include Highrock Fortress, Fort Neir, Castle Elissa, and the castle of Usk'hem Gart, each with six dedicated scenarios. The game also includes a scenario editor for those who wish to create new scenarios or modify existing ones. Many of the usual aspects of war gaming such as strategic planning, unit (troops) movement, assigning the right troops to specific battles for maximum efficiency, endurance factors, patrolling, attacking, defending (of particular note is the tactic of pouring boiling oil on attackers trying to scale the castle walls) as well as resting and healing injured forces, are integral to game play in Siege. Additionally, fantasy aspects such as wizard spells (e.g., fireball, healing) spice up the action for both sides of the conflict. Of considerable value is the game's tutorial scenario which has been included to get you up to speed quickly on the inner workings of the game. Much of your success will focus on how well you use engineers in the game. Engineers are the oil that fuels your war machine as you tackle various tasks that include things like building bridges across moats, operating weapons like catapults and battering rams and raising siege towers. There are a minimum of seventeen different troop types available for each scenario including elementals.

The largest complaint regarding the game is the speed of the real-time action. Playing on a 486 or faster will relegate the action to a mind-numbing fire drill exercise, however, the program does contain a utility program to adjust computer speed relating to sound issues plus a menu option (Change Speed) that permits you to slow down the speed of the program itself by selecting a number ranging from 0 (fastest) to 4 (slowest). For those who like real-time strategy games infused with a bit of fantasy action, Siege is worth a look.

Graphics: Colorful VGA. Individual troop icons of similar types can be difficult to differentiate.

Sound: Can be difficult to configure. Sounds and music are simplistic.

Enjoyment: Real-time action can be tough to master but is alleviated somewhat by Pause function.

Replay Value: A replay won't introduce anything new to the gaming world. Large selection of scenarios plus the scenario editor auger well for replay possibilities.

Command one of the four castles in the land of Gurtex in 24 scenarios... or, become the assailant. It's the Forces of Lights (humans & allies) versus the Forces of Darkness (orcs & allies) in a tactical simulation of castle siege and assault. Command up to 17 troop types, including magic-users and various siege equipment.

Mindcraft's first tactical fantasy game Siege and the expansion pack Dogs of War is decent tactical combat game featuring tons of scenarios, units, and even a decent plot. In this cross between SSG's Warlords and EA's classic Rampart, your task is to either attack or defend a castle with fantasy units. Good VGA graphics and music unfortunately can't hide the fact that the AI of the game is simply horrible-- arguably even worst than Mindcraft's dreadful Tegel's Mercenaries. It is far too easy to outflank the computer and confuse its units by feigning attacks, and the only time you will feel anything resembling a real challenge is when the computer commands many more units than you do, to even out the odds. Gameplay mechanics is decent, although the cumbersome interface (like in most Mindcraft strategy games) really gets in the way. Although the game is real-time, you can pause it at any time to give commands.

All in all, Siege is a fairly superficial tactical game that promises more than it delivers. Although there are many units you can buy, their difference simply boil down to whether or not they can conduct ranged attack or not. The lack of campaign mode is disappointing, but made up somewhat by a versatile scenario / map editor. Limited goals, gameplay, and bad AI makes this a good game only for beginners or anyone who likes easy strategy games. The rest of us would be more content playing SSG's Warlords or QQP's Conquered Kingdoms for the umpteenth time. If you want to give Mindcraft's engine a second try, play the much-improved Ambush at Sorinor instead.

In this topdown viewed strategy game you have to besiege other castles. The grahics are very well made. You can make own scenrarios or play already existing scenarios. Before you start the game you can choose whether you want to defend or attack the castle.

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