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These are 2 cardgames in one simple game. Both a lot of fun, I think.

Forty Thieves is the most simple, you get a stack of cards and seven columns of five cards, frontside up. One card from the stack is turned and that card can take any card that's one larger or one smaller than itself. This way you use the stack to empty the columns. When you do, you win.

In Kings Corners you have to get all cards from the deck on the board. But there are a few rules to it, such as "kings always go on corners" and "queens always get on sides". You can "delete" cards from the table, which make 10 together or you can get tens always off the table... Kings, Queens and jacks will stay on the board, face down. You can get stuck if you don't seem to be able to place a card in its fitting space or if you can't get any cards of the table after dealing.

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