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On December 16, 1944 in the twilight of the Third Reich, Hitler played his last desperate gamble and launched a massive surprise assault against the thin allied lines in the Ardennes forest of Belgium and Luxemborg. As the German Commander your goal is to cross the Ardennes forest and get to the other side of the Meuse River. With division/regiment sized forces you must storm thru the allied forces taking as many towns as possible. If you choose to command the allied forces your goal is the same as the American commander in 1944. Hold out against the attacking germans until reinforcements arrive while keeping the enemy from taking towns and exiting from the map. The game lasts 15 turns. Each turn historically representing one day. The game can be played solitaire or against another individual.

The first PC game made by SSI made in 1981! The game takes place at Bulge, at the time of the famous battle of WWII. You control either Axis or Allied troops and, of course, have to beat the other one.

The game is made in basic and lacks great graphics and sound. Still, since the game was made so long ago it is great to see it has any graphics at all! The controls are a bit fuzzy, but the game itself ain't that bad.

SSI's first game for the PC was "... an operational simulation of the Battle of the Bulge, its most serious problem was a user interface which refused to allow the player to access his units. Instead, the order of battle was cycled through three times, and pity the gamer who did not input his orders by the third time -- primitive graphics, primitive play mechanics and a poor user interface."

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