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Ultimate Cards is a collection of 6 card games:



Gin Rummy

Oh Hell!


Crazy 8's

There are 12 opponents with different skills, which may be assigned by the player to the table before each game starts. Such opponents may advise the player during the game. The game progress may be turned back and replayed as well as advice may be taken or not. The goal of the game is to win as many points as possible. The best winners will be stored in the Hi-Scores table.

Ultimate Cards, would by it's very name, seem to imply that one could expect the card game to end all card games. Sadly this title, while having its good points, just doesn't live up to such a boast!

Most card games offer the standard fare of Poker and Solitaire, with all the variation there of. Ultimate Cards, however, opts to go with more eccentric card games, including Spades, Hearts, Gin Rummy, Oh Hell!, Whist, and Crazy 8's. After all, how many solitaire games do you need?

Thankfully the rules to each game are provided and there is a learning feature as well that will suggest the best card to play until you get the hang of the game.

Ultimate Card also offers a selection of opponents to play, ranked from Average to Expert. They are present graphically only during the configuration screen, which is not a bad thing considering how poorly the digitized images are done.

You never see the opponent images during game play, but you can choose to hear them. Each character as a few things to say when they are forced to pass, or if the win or lose, done in their own voice, as it were. The sound can be turned off, but the chat was so infrequent that it doesn't interfere. There is no music for the game.

The games are varied and fun, the AI is good enough, and the graphics are suitable for a card game. Ultimate may not be the best adjective to describe the game, but it is still a collection worth having.

Ultimate Cards is a decent card game from Magicode/Micro League that offers the usual array of multiplayer card games, including Spades, Hearts, Gin Rummy, Oh Hell!, Whilst, and Crazy 8's. The game offers a good range of computer players, from beginners to experts, as well as other standard options such as hint, game rules, and score keeping. The game's AI is quite good, and I especially like the fact that my computer partner's intelligence (in games like Whilst) actually does make a difference in the game. However, lackluster graphics and lack of "frills" offered by other commercial packages (most particularly Sierra's Hoyle series) means that Ultimate Cards won't be the first card game you would think of playing. It's a shame, but if you don't care much about production values, give this game a look. At least it has Whilst and Oh Hell!, a couple of fun card games that not many other card games offer.

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