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When you take a war game that has nice looking graphics (or at least as nice as war game icons can look), is easy to learn and play, has a scenario editor with such a wide database behind it that you can create nearly any 20th century combat scenario you'd like and a "smart" AI controlling the opposing forces, what have you got? The quick answer is an engaging, entertaining, satisfying and challenging game titled Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! that can be played repeatedly without fear of repetition. There's enough game play here to keep even the most fanatical wargamer playing for months. All the necessary ingredients required to make a war game pass muster are included and then some. Forces are controlled at a unit level equivalent to a platoon and platoons are then further grouped into a company size outfit. During execution of your strategy, you then select the active platoon of any company, give it your orders (move, attack, defend, etc.) and just like that you're a commander. As to actual game play, the computer directs it's troops (your opponents) at three separate levels of efficiency. When that level is set at average or expert, look out, because you'll have a real battle on your hands. The AI is no pushover in Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!. Incidentally, of the many carefully balanced scenarios that come with the game, quite a few deal with battles that hinge on factors other than tanks to win. The game recognizes air support in a unique way and in what has become expected (and normal) in a Norm Koger designed game, the amount of hardware, equipment and weaponry contained in the game is astonishingly complete and detailed with individual, accurate ratings for each item. In endeavoring to cover all of 20th century warfare from that angle, Mr. Koger has succeeded handsomely.

If there is a problem with Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks!, it's subtle and technical in nature and has to do with the occasional over zealous program code that can leave you scratching your head in regards to combat results. It's not an all-pervasive problem by any means but it will periodically skew the results of an encounter by (seemingly) applying too much power to a specific strike, whether it be a missile destroying more than realistically possible or the uncanny accuracy of a firing action resulting in more damage than one would expect. It's a tiny island of complaint in a huge ocean of praise. The use of a random scenario generator based on input you give the computer including such parameters as time (WWI, WWII, Korea, etc), terrain and location (desert, forest, mountains, etc.), climate, weather, size of armies and more guarantees quick, diverse game play almost immediately after booting up your system. Throw in a detailed and impressively stocked scenario designer (separate from the "scenario generator") that allows you to design almost any conceivable military ground action of the 20th century or unlimited "what if" scenarios and you're in business.

Wargame Construction Set II: Tanks! offers limitless small scale tactical armored confrontations using the various tanks and tools of mechanized warfare from 1918-1991. The random scenario generator allows you to create a custom map. Choose one of three climates, pick opposing forces, and assign objectives. In addition, there are over 20 ready to play historical scenarios and a campaign feature included.

M. Evan. Brooks was reserved in his review: "Armored warfare from 1918 to the near-future, this product possessed a plethora of scenarios (and more which popped up on the Internet); while relatively successful, I found it somewhat sterile." Still, the appeal of the game rests not on its spotty AI and, as Brooks, comments, "sterile" gameplay, but rather on the versatile scenario editor that allows players to create virtually unlimited scenarios.

A nice classic from SSI. This is the second volume in the famous wargame series where you can build your own scenarios and play them. You can of course also play pre-made scenarios which are included.

The graphics are much better than in volume 1, and when the controls are really good and very simple this is a really good wargame if you like these kinds.

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