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CyberJudas improves on its predecessor, Shadow President, by being stimulating and original in both concept and playability. The game presents the player with seemingly unending chances to excel or flop at holding the highest position in the land. As the President, you are faced with making huge decisions regarding foreign policy as well as domestic issues. At the same time, you must be concerned with effectiveness ratings, polls, popularity, leadership, traitorous behavior among cabinet members, or in the case of a friendly cabinet, utilize their support in making momentous (or small) decisions.

The complexity of the game is refreshing. Being President is not an easy task. You'll be asked to juggle world events and domestic disputes. You have the option of playing any of the three superbly developed scenarios or, by use of a fully functional options menu, simply turn off the traitorous activity or even the election aspect. Basically, given enough time, you can establish your own vision and carry it out through international decision making with full access to over nearly 200 nations throughout the world along with an amazing interface with the CIA factbook that provides an incredible number of statistics and options for interacting with all of them.

On a local level, focus your energies on getting re-elected, try to fend off impeachment attempts, balance the budget or ferret out the traitor(s) in your cabinet. On a worldwide level, worry about world peace, solve global hunger, declare war, protect sovereign nations, combat terrorism, referee conflicts, create treaties. The list goes on and on and the possibilities change as the consequences of your actions impact on other nations, resulting in a dynamic flow of events.

The interface is tolerable but with such a vast array of possibilities in CyberJudas, you'll be quick to forgive any shortcomings due to the sheer intensity of the gameplay and total immersion into the thick, rich and undeniably realistic plotting. These minor shortcomings include lack of a means to track your decisions, which in a game this complex and long can become crucial (so take notes on your own), and an unnecessarily eerie or oppressive atmosphere that creates a sensation of living in a shadow world at times. Superb voice acting and apropos music blend with the addictive gameplay to make CyberJudas a strategy game worthy of the genre.

The AI in CyberJudas is a thing of beauty and complements the excellent concept of ruling the world from cyberspace. With fast facts and instantaneous reports on the impact of your decision-making at your fingertips, the pace is exciting and satisfying (and even overwhelming at times). The problems you'll face are neverending and incredibly realistic and diverse. But the successful accomplishment of managing the world on your terms can be a rich experience. One option of CyberJudas stands above all others: the option to have fun, for the game, once learned, is hugely rewarding.

Graphics: The 3D graphics use movie special effects technology to create an electric, albeit dark, atmosphere and the artwork is visually appealing.

Sound: The voice acting is excellent and the music reinforces the atmosphere of the game and is unobtrusive throughout. A solid package of sound.

Enjoyment: The learning curve is steep and requires a definite commitment of time and effort to appreciate the real inner workings of the game. Once attuned to the complexities of your role, the full potential of the game is simply astounding.

Replay Value: With so many nations to interact with and so much interactive decision making leading to diverse outcomes, not to mention the various modes of play, CyberJudas is one of the most replayable games on the market.

Cyber Judas is the sequel to Shadow President, where in both games it's all about power, government, diplomacy, sovereignty and the casual terrorist who wants make you (the President of the United States) look bad by nuking another country with your own nuclear arsenal!

However, being the president of one of the most powerful states in the world is not an easy job. You must gain the public trust of the American citizens to secure your future re-election by spreading the American way of life to the international community:

Promote democracy by investing economic, cultural and political influence in foreign countries of different ideologies.

Build military bases around the world to secure a continuing state of military pressure in the direct vicinity.

Punish rogue and terrorist states who threaten the American way of life by economic sanctions, military offence, or espionage!

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems.


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