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Master the Seven Seas and command your own warship in this real-time strategic 3D maritime adventure of exploration, resource management, and nautical combat. 18th Century English-style battleships and frigates do battle against Spanish-style dreadnoughts and cutters, Viking longboats, Phoenician raiding galleons, Native American war canoes, and more!

You begin the game as a humble ship captain, but through sheer ruthlessness and cunning strategic resource management you can rise to Admiral of the fleet and rule the waves!

The game features 50 real-time 3D modeled, highly detailed ships. You start the game in command of a small brig, but can work your way up to a huge 120-gun flagship. As you play over 60 missions you will interact with 11 different nations. The mission-based gameplay allows you to go through the missions form three perspective. Duties include combat, chase, escort, delivery, search and destroy, and exploration. Multiple modes of game play include Battle (combat) and Chart (exploration) modes.

You have total control over your ship. Set discipline levels, determine rations and food types to feed the crew and decide on duty assignments, all of which affect the crew's morale. Equip your ship with varying cannon sizes and types: carronades, long chaser guns, grappling hook. Use "grape shot" (shrapnel) to take out your enemy's crew, and "bar bell shot" to damage their hull and sink their ships! Use the wind to your advantage in combat and learn to negotiate difficult currents and storms.

The game world is massive, with over 60,000 screens to explore. You have total freedom to sail the world; anywhere, anytime. Interactive music and sound effects play a significant role in the game, as each nation has its own musical style that helps the player identify their location.

In Tides of War the player takes the role of a ship commandant in the 18th century. Similar to Sid Meier's Pirates, he can sail freely through the game world, earn money and take missions. These missions mostly consist of either combat, delivery or exploration tasks.

The earned money can be used to purchase better cannons or ships which give advantages in the real-time combat. These battle are similar to other strategy games, meaning that the ship controls are indirect. Nevertheless the player can use the wind direction to his advantage. When sailing the sea the player sets discipline levels, determine rations and food types which have influence on the crew's morale and stats.


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