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Liberation Day is a strategy combat game in which the player takes on the computer's forces in a format that should be familiar to anyone who has played other top-down, turn-based strategy games such as the classic X-COM: UFO Defense from Microprose. The view of the action is from overhead, armies are controlled with a 'point-and-click' interface, and the aim of the game is to repel "aliens who have invaded the off-world colony." Been here before?

Unfortunately, directing your forces isn't as easy as it should be. You have to take turns in playing against the computer opponent. This breaks up the momentum of the gameplay, as does trying to master the unwieldy interface.

There are five continents to be rescued, each broken up into several provinces which are the settings the tactical missions. The overall strategic challenge comes in anticipating the mission's set objective and the number of turns needed to complete it. After an initial deployment phase, the missions just consist of the usual alternating movement turns between you and the aliens.

You have various units with differing armor and weaponry and you can call in different troops, air attack planes, and other units on each turn. Successfully completing a mission gives you industrial credits, which you can use to create buildings and defenses for your Earth HQ. Your forces can be upgraded by capturing a Tech Lab during a mission and exceptional types of troops, such as Special Ops, can be deployed from time to time.

That's is about all there is to it, though. Liberation Day tries to be like other games, such as X-COM: UFO Defense, but it fails. Not only does it brazenly lift the title and introductory spiel from the film Independence Day, but the game also disappoints in its use of poorly drawn units, jumpy animation, and audio effects that often sound like heavy breathing into a microphone. The action is mechanical and without subtlety and for the most part, this title is unacceptable to a gamer in 1998, the year of its release.

Graphics: Slow and poorly animated

Sound: Monotone sounds and voices

Enjoyment: For strategy enthusiasts only

Replay Value: Been there, liberated!


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