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Do you want to play a strategy game with a difference? Tribal Rage may just well be for you. Though very much a Command and Conquer clone, this game is more than a little weird and wacky. The game is set in 2030, after war has been raging for several years. In what is left of California, the survivors have formed into six tribes: Bikers, Cyborgs, Death Cultists, Trailer Trash, Enforcers and Amazons. Each of these tribes is battling with the others for food, land, resources, and pride.

You get to take control of one of these tribes and lead its warriors into battle. The game is features lots of shooting and violence and limited strategy. In the Campaign mode, you get to see the big picture and lead your tribe strategically in a bid to take over the entire state, mission by mission. Between the fighting and the planning, the game offers a spicy innovation. The player can design his or her own troops' vehicles and mount a frightening array of weaponry onto the colorful outcome.

Violence, wackiness, strategy, customization, and an interesting storyline - it all sounds impressive. Well, it should be, yet overall, the game is oddly unsatisfying. In the single-player mode, your enemy is (of course) the computer, yet the gameplay is frustratingly slow. The animation and graphics used in the program are delightful to look at and often extremely funny -- Elvis looks strangely at home with two blazing machine-guns in his hands - but the screen scrolls in a slow, choppy fashion. This means that you'll often find your troops being fired at by someone off screen and you can't even see the enemy to respond in kind.

Overall, the game is fun to play at first, but may be annoying after half an hour or so as it becomes a little slow, slightly repetitive and almost boring. It's perfect for a quick fix of action, but doesn't come up to scratch as a proper strategy game. Perhaps you'll find yourself dipping into it for twenty minutes or so at a time, but don't expect to be transfixed for hours on end.

Graphics: Interesting to look at and colorful, but scrolling intermittent

Sound: Good effects and background music

Enjoyment: Fun scenarios but overall gameplay limited

Replay Value: Best done as leader of another tribe


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