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The story in Mission: Humanity begins as aliens attack Earth and destroy most of human civilization. During the hard fought war, the Humans are able to recover and reverse-engineer important pieces of spacecraft and other alien technology, eventually gaining the ability to construct spaceships of their own. With all of the planet's surface in smoldering ruins mankind instead sets its sights on space, motivated both by the intrigue of the unknown and a desire for revenge.

As players expand their empires across the galaxy, due concern must be paid to already-conquered systems and bases, as well as those on the front line. Attacks can take place anywhere, so as an empire grows so do its liabilities as well as its strengths.

Mission Humanity follows the rivetingly novel story of our future sons and daughters. Evil insectoid aliens attack Earth in the far reaches of the future, leaving little in the way of life. Wrong move you stupid insect fools!

The underdog Earthlings manage to capture an alien ship and use the technology to create a mother ship. This ship is then sent to the insect's home world with one mission - total annihilation.

After a poor excuse for a CGI rendered intro, hopes were high for some cutting-edge gameplay. Initially, things looked up. The game is played on planets. Because planets are round, like pears, instead of scrolling the main view to the edge of a fictitious world, the map loops. This is pretty cool, but until you get used to it, expect to be screwed over a few times when you realize there's a big hole in your southern defense.

The tutorial sucks. It gives you a little insight as to how one goes about setting up a base, but forgets to mention how to attract more workers, or what the different resources do. The interface is clean and easy to interpret, but the slow movement speed of most units is enough to make you bite off your index finger in frustration.

Building up an army also takes forever. Everything takes for bloody ever and there's little reward at the end of it all, either. The units are boring and both teams, humans and insects, have exactly the same units and buildings, with the only difference their 16-colour GIF renders.

Which brings us to the visuals. This game made my head hurt. The graphics are awful and increasing the resolution just made things worse. It supports 1024x768 but it fails to deliver the visual finesse found in titles like Red Alert 2.

Next up is the enemy AI. There's nothing more satisfying than taking down a huge platoon of enemy tanks, infantry and artillery with one piss-weak little soldier, simply because the stupid AI scripting can't concentrate on more than one entity at a time. If developer Eon was going for anti-realism, then it succeeded. For instance, if someone were shooting me in the back while I was shooting a structure, I'd keep shooting the structure. Yes, that makes sense!

Mission: Humanity wants to be StarCraft, it wants to be C&C, but it's a sorry effort at best.


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