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Stranger is a real-time strategy game in the same corps as Warlords BattleCry or WarCraft III, in that military units are joined on the battlefield by powerful hero characters that carry over from one level to the next and can be custom-developed as they gain experience. The swords-and-sorcery world of Stranger may be both familiar and strange to newcomers, as subtle self-interests and unconventional alliances may sometimes muddy distinctions between "good" and "evil."

The game's greatest battlefield abilities are fueled by magic, and the magic system is broken down by color. Obtaining crystals of a given color boosts a hero's spell power in the corresponding school of magic. To lead their armies to victory, players can choose one of three heroes: Kagar, who begins as a powerful melee warrior, Steiger, who specializes in "green spectrum" magic (such as healing spells and buffs), and Mordlok, who raises the dead to fight alongside him.

The single-player campaign boasts over 30 hours of play, and multiplayer battles are supported over the internet for as many as eight competitors. More than 100 different monsters types populate the game world, and a built-in level editor allows players to create their own battlefields and missions.


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