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Although technically a real-time strategy game, XIII Century: Death or Glory eschews the resource management and empire-building aspects typically associated with the genre in favor of a singular focus on massive, Total War-style battles. Players can command British, French, German, Russian, and Mongol armies in large, historically accurate battles that involve hundreds or even thousands of different soldiers on screen at the same time. Each faction coincides with a different campaign, and more than 30 separate battle scenarios cover most of the prominent conflicts during the Middle Ages.

Developer Unicorn Games Studio has placed heavy emphasis on realistic reconstruction, ensuring that the weapons, armor, and heraldry are accurate, and that the battles take place in the proper landscape, at the correct time of day, and with the true weather conditions. For example, the famous Northern Crusade "Battle of the Ice" actually takes place on the frozen surface of Russia's Lake Peipus. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the dozens of unit types are governed by 80 different characteristics. Strategists can complete all five campaigns alone, or battle head-to-head with friends via a LAN or Internet connection.


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