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As was the original Dawn of War, the sequel was developed by the real-time strategy specialists at Relic Entertainment, and it makes use of concepts from the studios' Company of Heroes, as well as from the earlier Warhammer game. Cover is a bigger consideration than in the first game, for example, both offensively and defensively, and computer-controlled units react more quickly and intelligently, according to their current situations. In the main campaign for single players, there are four playable races, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and mandates: The gruesome, warmongering Orks; the ancient, elf-like Eldar; the genetically engineered Tyranids; and the enhanced-human, heavily armed Space Marines. Players choose planets, battles, and even mission objectives as they progress through a unique storyline for each race. On most maps, players control up to four squads, each lead by a hero character who gains experience and new abilities that carry over to future missions, and who can be revived if he falls in combat. There is no resource harvesting per se in the game, and limited reinforcements are available in the warzone, so much of the strategy is made before the combat begins, when players choose the squads and units they'll take with them into each battle. A competitive multiplayer competition is supported as well, for Internet-connected gamers.


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