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This is a very simple freeware promotional game. What does it promote? Is it just to promote car maintainance or is it to promote the car company that ordered the production of this game? I think it's the second.

It's a board game, a very simplistic board game. You set a price for mainainance every turn and people pay that to you when they check in on your maintainance post, as a fine. However, you might not want to set this too high, because you will probably land up paying that fine yourself to someone else in a special occasion. Though, I don't find this game addictive at all. There's absolutely nothing that makes you play this game over a few times again. It doesn't make you learn anything at all, like it was supposed to.

I'm not at all overwhelmed by this game, and would be surprised if you would. Anyhow, if you don't feel impressed by the negativity of this game, maybe you should download it to convince yourself.

Automotive Conservation is an interesting but far too simplistic computer board game designed to promote auto maintenance. Up to 4 players take turns rolling die and move their cars around the gameboard, paying fees to other players who own the dealer they stop at. Each player sets the fee he/she would like to charge other players, but there is not much strategic decision to make otherwise. You can choose whether or not to pay state fine whenever you get stopped with one, but it is more of a matter of how much money you have left than a complex decision. If you enjoy the likes of Monopoly, you might find this game entertaining for a few minutes, until the novelty wears off. It does teach kids basic facts on car maintenance and recycling, so if you have a teenager in your house who is starting to drive, introducing this little game to him or her is not a bad idea. File under "good inspiration, superficial execution" for this old game.


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