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Battle Bugs is a highly entertaining, fantasy romp through the spoils of, well, food. You command your insect troops utilizing briefings, strategic plans, and a great deal of bravado. With 22 insect types and 56 levels, each containing a unique scenario, you have plenty of options to choose from as you build your army of swat teams and assault squadrons. You'll fight for every grain of leftover food and every soda drop or cross that vast Formica desert for that watermelon dessert.

Every type of insect soldier comes complete with individual moves, advantages and disadvantages commensurate with breed, and a unique design. The various battlefields can be a kitchen tabletop, a counter, or a floor and are delightfully loaded with obstacles like poison, traps, or pools of liquid to get stuck in. The naming conventions for the various scenarios are humorous and descriptive (for example, "Three Drones and a Larva," "Rosemary's Grub," or "Take the Pollen and Run") and add to the overall enjoyment of the game.

The interface in Battle Bugs is a delight to use. Standard click and point commands as you work your way around the battlefields result in smooth, exact movement of your troops. Game play moves at a crisp pace with amusing and relative cut scenes between the battles. You mourn your dead comrades and celebrate hard-won victories with award ceremonies. The music is unobtrusive and supports the game well. The voices of the bugs are extremely well done and add to the overall flavor of the game.

The humorous parodies and quotes used in Battle Bugs are wonderfully thought out and bring a crumb of real-life ambiance to the game. One of my favorites, "I love the smell of leftovers in the morning. It smells like victory," is a prime example of the irreverent but pertinent use of this tool. A major plus in the game is the length of battles. Most of the skirmishes require no more than twenty minutes or so to complete but still maintain a balance between strategy and action on the battlefield. The lack of a true multi-player mode is a minor drawback but the artificial intelligence is adequate. An option is provided which makes it possible for two people t o play at the same time, but only through the sharing of the mouse--not a strong point.

Battle Bugs is a tasteful morsel in the genre of strategy war games. It's unusual and doesn't require micromanagement of every tiny aspect, a tedious chore which on occasion can and does slow down and detract from many war games. The overall ease of play in controlling these Battle Bugs leaves a decidedly sweet aftertaste. Sink your teeth in it and have a gaming picnic.

Graphics: Depiction of individual bug characteristics gets high marks. Colorful, detailed, and sharp.

Sound: Good, entertaining voiceovers create a buggy atmosphere. Music fits the mood of the game and adds rather than detracts.

Enjoyment: Many scenarios, quick play, a smooth interface, originality, and good balance between strategy and battle modes make Battle Bugs fun to play. Structure allows playing a short-time diversion or a long campaign, depending upon choice

Replay Value: With nearly five dozen levels/scenarios and 22 insects to choose from, each with individual traits, replayability is assured.

A very unique real-time strategy game. It's only semi-real-time, because it's possible to pause the action at any moment. The player commands 22 different insects in a long campaign (56 missions) against the computer-AI or a human opponent.

Battle Bugs was an instant hit the day it came out. It was something new, refreshing and original.

You start the game as a bug general. You play a campaign where you get various tasks to accomplish. These range from killing enemy bugs invading your territory to simply conquering all kinds of food. Bug species are numerous, and each has certain special abilities and unique advantages/disadvantages. The sound is very good, and graphics run in a stunning 800x600 resolution. I guarantee that you will not get bored soon.

This is a true classic, one you'll want to keep.

Nice little strategy wargame. You play different missions with your military ants. Very good graphics and sounds. Fun to play. The missions will get tougher further in the game.

Dynamix entered the wargaming arena with this surprising gem, sporting off-the-wall humor and original premise: as commander of an army of ants and other insects, lead your troops to victory over the enemy (another insect tribe). Numerous bugs ("bombers," "infantry," and so forth) battle over dozens of imaginative landscapes in a human's house which are not merely passive backgrounds: ketchups slow down troops, etc. Perfect for those armchair generals who are fascinated by Maxis' SimAnt.

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