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A smart, isometric realization of the potential in the first Breach, this is another futuristic space-marine combat game with simple controls for your battle against insane numbers of enemy troops and robots. When you first load Breach 2, you name a squad leader and select a scenario. There are a variety of objectives, from rescuing prisoners to killing x-number of enemies. After each mission, you gain experience and improve your squad leader's skills, but you must protect him at all costs! When he dies, the mission ends. Frustrating? Yes. But it does make for some heart stopping combat. First brush up by using the two beginner missions, or build your own using the level editor.

Weapons include smoke grenades, rocket launchers, stun guns and laser rifles. You can also acquire shields, anti-grav shoes, camo and various other items. The Amiga version has much better graphics and sound compared to the lackluster stuff here, but the exciting game play is still here. The game was promoted as part of the Interlocking Game System, able to link up with the Rules of Engagement series.

An early squad-level tactical combat game, much like the X-Com series of games and the more contemporary Laser Squad. Breach 2 features turn-based combat from an isometric point of view set in the far future. As one of the more unique aspects the squad leaders gain experience from successful missions should they survive.

Breach 2 is set in the same sci-fi universe as Omnitrend's Universe and Rules of Engagement series and shares the same backstory with those games. Breach 2 is a part of the IGS (Interlocking Game System) and compatible with the two Rules of Engagement games. This means you can use Breach 2 to resolve the tactical combat situations, boarding an enemy ship for example, you run into in the starship command simulation, which is the heart and soul of the Rules of Engagement series.

A scenario builder is included with the game, making it possible to create your own missions and trade them.

Breachis an early but detailed simulation of tactical level combat. Breach 2, a newer revision, adds more details and fits as a tactical subset into Rules of Engagement through Omnitrend's innovative "Interlocking Game System." Easy to learn and fun to play, it was definitely ahead of its time. A design-your-own scenario option greatly extended the replay value. 4 years later and after Omnitrend's demise, Impressions picked up the engine and released Breach 3, an excellent update with campaign builder, scenario designer, and VGA graphics. It also integrates into Rules of Engagement 2, release concurrently. Must haves for all armchair commanders who crave complexity and tactical realism.

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