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Machiavelli the Prince is a strategy game about power and what you do with it. You're the leader of one of the major factions in Europe when Venice was the center of trade in the 14th century. The objective of the game is varied and the quote on the cover of the box, "Is it better to be feared than loved?" is a good explanation of the choices you'll be facing.

As with most other games, you begin at a weak point with only a certain amount of funds (1500 credits) and cargo. As you progress, the idea is to collect cargo certain cities need and sell it to them for a profit over what you paid. Buying low and selling high isn't the only strategic aspect, though, as you must also fend off other factions and bribe or assassinate your way to the top. Each step takes you closer and closer to being a beloved leader of the people or a strictly hated ruler of the populace.

As you build connections with cities and establish businesses, your wealth builds with each passing year. In fact, at the beginning of the game, without doing anything, you earn 150 credits a year. Later on, as you make more money, you become the target of other factions and pirates, albeit able to bribe people with more money -- an easy way to get people on your side. Storms and other natural disasters also plague your journey. All the basic ideals and concepts represent a good depiction of a ruler and society in the 1300s. Nevertheless, the main objective is to earn more money than anyone else.

This title is a benign type of strategy gaming. Unlike the war-like, fighting, strategic battle command game, Machiavelli the Prince focuses on the main goal of acquisition of wealth and influence without depicting the violence of fighting. Although you're a ruler who loses and gains money based on pirate attacks and conquest, there are no real fighting aspects. The game puts a premium on learning how to handle money correctly and making crucial decisions about your rule. The game is slow going but, if you've got the patience and common sense to make and manage as much money as possible, Machiavelli the Prince is a formidable challenge to master.

Graphics: Not much more than average, though the graphics work well in the context of the game.

Sound: The sound is in the same boat as the graphics but they're not really needed in a game such as this one.

Enjoyment: Once you've played for a while, the game can be addictive in the tradition of good strategy games. When you've gotten the hang of the controls and trading, you find many options from which to choose that alter your course and keep you playing.

Replay Value: Every time you play the game it's be different. It's a game with potential long life.

This game is a remake of the popular trading simulation Merchant Prince.

You take control over one of the most influential families in the 14th century. From their hometown Venice, Italy, they controlled most of the sea and land trade of this era.

The games main ideas a very well done and are based on Niccoló Machiavelli´s famous book "The Prince" which analyzed the political and religious situation in the the 14th century.

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