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"Midway: The Battle that doomed Japan" is a 2D naval simulation. Scenario is the battle of Midway during World War II.

You take the command of U.S. - or the Japanese strike fleet.

The Japanese fleet is on the way to the Midway Islands ... U.S. Forces have to defeat them there. The simulation takes place over a three to seven day period. Each day is divided into twelve turns. Each turn consists of operational orders from the American player, followed by the Japanese player.

This game simulates the naval Battle of Midway in 1942 where the United States Fleet and naval air forces defeated the Japanese Invasion fleet that was heading towards Midway Island. Play as either the Americans or the Japanese. It's an excellent simulation of the old battle if you don't mind PC speaker beeps and CGA graphics. General Quarters also did a few other games that year, of which Pearl Harbor was quite good.

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