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Sequel to Star Fleet I: The Battle Begins, this time you have been accepted as an Altern (UGA equivalent for Cadet) in the Krellan Empire. Build a successful military career as Krellan commander completing all missions given to you by the Krellan Fleet HQ against the United Galactic Alliance (UGA) and climb the military ladder to finally reach the rank of Admiral.

Star Fleet II: Krellan Commander is a 2D starship simulation and strategy game using ASCII graphics which involves intergalactic reconnaissance, starship battles, diplomatic tactics, and planetary invasion, comprised in specific tasks given to you for each mission. Unlike Star Fleet I: The Battle Begins, the time flow of this game is not turn-based, the universe "moves" when your ship moves, while on other occasions, it is real-time.

As if Star Fleet 1 weren't complex enough, Interstel outdid itself with the sequel a year later that simulates even more ship systems, with many more commands and a more sophisticated combat model. The added complexity, unfortunately, hurts the game more than enhances it, as many new commands make actions needlessly complicated. Ultimately, the added realism factors take away much of the fun from the already realistic engine of its classic predecessor.

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