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The game allows to simulate World War II in Europe on a grand strategic scale. The player controls land, sea and air action and has to manage limited resources for production and advanced research.

There are 6 historical scenarios included in the game, and they are labelled after the turn that they start on, from Autumn '39 to Summer '44. A scenario builder can be brought into action for players wanting to change the starting situation. It allows for the modification of an area's terrain type, population or raw material points it contains. The player can transfer units or change the beginning levels of the major powers like research and reinforcement.

Each game turn represents three months of action. The game map covers every part of the European conflict - from North Africa to Sweden, from Gibraltar to the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Storm Across Europe is a fast, exciting game that allows you to simulate World War II on a grand strategic scale - in as little as one evening. Every part of the raging conflict is covered - from North Africa to Sweden, from Gibraltar to the Ural Mountains in Russia.

Each game turn represents three months of action. You control every facet of the war. Move armies across the map to conquer territory. Mount amphibious landings. Launch huge U-boat campaigns in the Atlantic. Carry out strategic bombing strikes against enemy production centers. Srnd raiding fleets to cripple your opponent's shippong. And drop paratroop forces on enemy positions.

While the battle rages, you must constantly juggle limited resources between production and advanced research. Multiple scenarios and the ability to change starting levels for each country allow for endless variations. Up to three players can play this game, with the computer able to control the Allies and/or the Russians.

In grognard M. Evan Brooks' opinion, this game is "... similar to the boardgame Hitler's War , except the computer interface was much more awkward. The graphics were primitive and the documentation somewhat sparse." Martin Scholz would later revisit the subject in 1993 and designed Clash of Steel, a much-needed improvement over this embarrassingly unplayable and frustrating game.

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