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Overlord is a real-time strategic warfare game where the player must manage large standing armies, economic capital, and political stability throughout a number of extra-dimensional star systems.

As the dictatorial ruler of the Epsilon Galaxy, the player has obtained complete, indisputable authority. However, during a scientific experiment in hyperdrive technology, Epsilon scientists discovered four "buffer" dimensions, each containing a number of barren planets that exist between the Epsilon Galaxy and another alien dimension. Unfortunately, the most powerful empires from these alternate dimensions have also just discovered these zones through their own experiments. The player must battle these alien species for control of these buffer worlds, to ensure that their rule in the Epsilon Galaxy remains intact.

To make the new planets useful in the player's campaign, they can purchase terraforming equipment which can transform them into tropical Gaian-esque worlds which are ideal for agriculture, mineral-rich and heavily volcanic worlds, desert planets capable of producing vast amounts of energy, or ecologically balanced planets that can support large cities which are readily able to generate significant income through taxation. In addition, the player can mine for resources and tax their citizens to raise money, construct spaceship-buildings to feed the populace, enlist soldiers and equip them, buy battle cruisers or other craft to move from planet to planet, and so on. The player can fight battles, colonize planets, and even spy on alien races. The end goal is to ensure that the other alien races do not gain the upper hand by conquering these four new dimensions before the player can.

The player cannot retreat from battle, as the only way to shut down the hyperspace link from their universe to Epsilon would be by vaporizing the player's homeworld, which is where the hyperspace generator is located. Politically (at the very least), this is not an option.

Blood will have to be shed for supremacy of the hyperspace planets, and for the player to become Overlord of these four new dimensions plus their own.

I love this classic. Before I ever played Sim City, before the first of the Civ's were made, there was Supremacy. The idea is simple. Two rulers and one solar system resulting in a fight for the Supremacy!

You start off as a human, owning a home-world, with a certain population and a certain amount of money. This world is on one side of the solar system, and on the other side is your enemy! All other planets are dead, and simply await your colonization. You will need to buy a teraformer in order to create conditions suitable for sustaining life on such planets. You have some money, but it will run out quickly. Your only income is the tax paid by your people. But don't raise them too high, or else your population will shrink.

For your population to grow you will also need food, energy and minerals, so you need to buy ships that can mine those goods. And while you're at it, it's smart to also buy a transport ship in order to move people to newly teraformed planets and see them flourish.

Now once that is done, you'll already be a thorn in your opponent's ...err, part of the body they use for the visualization, so you can prepare your self for war! This is the only part of the game I'd change. You don't actually fight. You must train your soldiers, equip them and send them to defend or attack a planet. But look out, if you fail, it takes quite some time to fully train a new outfit and your opponent has a stronger force defending his home-world then you can muster up in one go! So, who'll rain supreme in Supremacy?

Supremacy is the game of strong nerves. You are taking command of a human colony in an unknown system. Unfortunately, the system has not been inhabited only by humans. There are other, alien species that are not very friendly and are not willing to share the territory with You. Who will control the system? You and Your armies will decide.

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