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The game is a strategical puzzle action, where you have to eliminate the playfield filling it with the tiles of different colors until the time will be exhausted. Each playfield represents a certain period of the human evolution such as Prehistory, Crusades, Prohibition or Berlin Wall. On each level some animation takes place, and you should perform your goal until it logically finishes.

The tiles are triangles of different colors, sometimes combined in groups, appear in one corner of the playfield and should be put in another place based on the player's strategy in the way to do not block the path for other tiles. When four triangle tiles with adjacent tiles of different colors formed a square, this square will be eliminated from playfield with its part and no tiles may be placed or moved here. Adjacent tiles of the same colors will be eliminated from playfield, but playfield will remain untouched. Tiles may be moved on the playfield and rotated over the center of the square. Also playfield may include different obstacles, which may influence on moving/rotation of your tiles to make it more difficult, and they should be avoided in any possible way.

Finishing the level will give you the code, which may be used later to access this level. There are 30 levels available to play.

A fun variant of classic Chinese boardgame Tangram, Loriciel's Timerace is more similar to QQP's later old game Origamo, but with simpler gameplay and tougher time limit. In each level, you are given triangles of different colors, four of which can form a square. Your goal is to rotate triangles and put them next to other triangles of the same color to make them disappear. If you inadvertently fit 4 triangles of *diferent* colors into a square, that square not only disappear, but will also take a piece of playing board with it, leaving you with less room on the board. The goal is to get rid of all the triangles before the walking cavemen (or their descendants in later levels) reach the exit to the right.

Overall, Timerace is a pleasant puzzle diversion, with nice graphics, challenging and a bit innovative gameplay, and diverse background graphics that tell the story of the evolution of mankind (similar to Tetris Classic). It's a mix of Tangram and Tetris that should please all puzzle fans. Recommended, but make sure you use slowdown utility before starting the game, otherwise you'll wonder why you never seem to have enough time to complete a level :)

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