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As someone who immensely enjoyed the original Delta Force, I was sure that Novalogic was not going to be able to make any vast improvements with Delta Force 2. I was wrong.

Delta Force 2 has better graphics, more weapons, more gear, and more interesting features than its predecessor. If you are a Delta Force fan, then Delta Force 2 will make you drool. It is the real deal.

Delta Force had really good graphics. Delta Force 2 are even better. Delta Force 2 has more textures, sharper details, and dazzling colors. I didn't think there was much room for improvement over the original Delta Force, but the artists at Novalogic really worked some magic with this release.

One visual detail that I did not like in Delta Force 2 was the change in the global positioning satellite compass. In the original game, it turned as you turned. In Delta Force 2, the compass remains stationary while the terrain beneath it moves. I suppose that this is a more accurate depiction of a solider's compass, but I had become accustomed to using the compass that turned. This change is somewhat frustrating at first, but it gradually becomes easier to use. For gamers who have not played the original Delta Force, this change shouldn't bother them at all.

Delta Force 2 did not make great improvements in sound over its predecessor, but the sound was already amazingly good. The rustle of grass beneath your feet, the chatter on the radio, and the blast of your weapon are all very realistic. In the original Delta Force opponents gurgled with blood in their throats when they died. In Delta Force 2, they shriek in pain for several seconds. It's cool or horrifying, depending on the level of your desensitization to video game violence.

Another great sound feature in Delta Force 2 is the Voice Over Net capability in multiplayer games. Text chatting is always fun in multiplayer games, but actually being able to speak and listen to other gamers is very cool.

Delta Force 2 is amazingly fun to play. The action is fluid and the controls are easy to master. The missions are tough, but they are also very engrossing. There are tons of bad guys in each mission, and it's tough to get past all of them.

During missions, your teammates will tell you to keep things quiet, but that is very hard to do. Once you start shooting, the chaos begins. Forget being quiet.

I had no problems getting into some multiplayer excitement. Deathmatches are still my favorites, but all of the multiplayer games are very exciting.

Overall, Delta Force 2 is an amazing game. It's even better than the original, and I loved the original. Whether you are a fan of the original Delta Force or just a fan of covert ops games, then Delta Force 2 should definitely be in your collection.

Graphics: Delta Force 2 has amazingly detailed graphics. You will see great texture and good use of color.

Sound: The sound is superb, from the radio chatter to the screams of the dying. You want real? You got real.

Enjoyment: Each of the missions is amazingly challenging and engrossing. Chances are, you will forget to eat, sleep, and bathe when you get hooked.

Replay Value: With the dozens of missions contained in quick mission mode and campaign mode, you won't tire of this game quickly. With the mission editor, you can create an unlimited number of your own missions.


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