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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is a highly successful series and Delta Force: Land Warrior uses the same basic concept. You control a Special Forces soldier and pit him against terrorists in many areas of the world. The first notable difference between this game and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is that you control only one character as opposed to a squad. Occasionally, a Marine acting as a sniper may accompany you, but you're primarily on your own.

You can select any one of five characters as your screen alter ego. The game plays much like an arcade version of the Rainbow Six series with less detail and more focus on action. Less detail doesn't mean none, though, as Delta Force: Land Warrior allows you more choices of weaponry -- up to six different weapons at any given time. Your ammunition is also limited so the correct choice of weapon plays an important role in whether or not you finish your missions.

For example, the OICW Light Assault Rifle with 30 rounds of ammo fires a three-round burst and runs out of ammunition much faster than the Steyr AUG Light Assault Rifle, which includes 42 rounds and fires only one bullet at a time with better range. It's easy to use the recommended weaponry and hardware for any mission by simply using the game's suggestion option. This makes gameplay easier, but you also have full reign over making your own choice of weapons.

While your character can be taken down with only a couple of hits, avoiding fire in this game is much easier than in the Rainbow Six series. Three enemies can be standing 100 yards away from you and firing simultaneously, yet you still remain unharmed as long as you move around. However, if you're not looking and an enemy is in the other room, you can be killed with one shot to the back.

Your Kevlar vest must account for some of the bulletproofing, but it's still hard to believe that an enemy couldn't hit you quickly in a wide-open area. In Rainbow Six, once you're close enough to hear enemy fire, you're usually dead; in Delta Force: Land Warrior, you can hear the fire and still have plenty of time to move back to a secluded area for cover. Since you only have one character, it's fortunate the designers didn't give the enemy the ability to kill you easily or else the game would be very frustrating. If one of your team members is killed in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, you can switch to the next one to complete the mission but, as soon as your character dies in Delta Force: Land Warrior, you're out of luck and the mission is over.

The game utilizes a distant and up-close fighting style -- you always kill enemies around the target's perimeter before moving in. One impressive feature is the ability to toggle your scope on or off, allowing you to pick off far away targets. This ability comes in handy in every single mission since you're often dropped off in a vast area where distant enemies can spot you in an instant. The zoom range on the scope and binoculars is very large and you can see enemies from many hundreds of yards away. The night vision goggles also come in handy and give you a slight advantage over the enemy.

After you've gotten rid of a good number of the perimeter forces, you have to take out enemies up close in the buildings. Since you also have a pistol, machine gun and grenades, it's rare that you'll ever need to use the knife, but it's nice to have that option. Enemies are always recognizable in your radar by red symbols but, once you get inside a building, they're clumped together so you often won't know exactly where they are until you get a visual.

Delta Force: Land Warrior is not an incredibly easy game, but it's much easier than many similar games in the genre. This might appeal to those who enjoy the action in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series but can't make it to the advanced levels. In Land Warrior, you essentially fill the role of sniper and simply take out enemies and rescue hostages. You also have to destroy enemy ammunitions and vehicles.

The firepower of the game may be far superior to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (you can fire a missile launcher and take down helicopters and other vehicles), but the latter is a much more involved game that uses strategic elements. Strategy is a foreign concept to Delta Force: Land Warrior as you are simply one warrior who runs into fire and kills all the enemies. You must, though, be very cautious when proceeding even one foot from your current position at any time since enemies will always surround you.

Keyboard and mouse controls are easy to use and all weapons are selectable by pressing number keys. You can also jump (space bar), stand or crouch, adjust the scope, and see your mission goals by pressing select hotkeys. The left mouse button is used for firing as well as the control key, and in multiplayer games you can use the enter key to talk. It's not possible to use a joystick in the game but you can customize keyboard controls to perform specific actions.

Multiplayer games can provide some strategy and team play that's lacking in the single player missions but, overall, Delta Force: Land Warrior is an arcade-style shooter with great graphics. If you like your games with less thought and more explosions, you'll have fun with Land Warrior. Those expecting another Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six will want to look elsewhere.

Graphics: The scope and night vision aspects add nice effects to make you feel more powerful. The graphics seem to equal those of the original Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six game. The third-person camera shot looks great but is makes control of the game too difficult.

Sound: You'll hear terrorists speak in Arabic languages, transmissions from your commanding officer, gunshots and explosions but much of the game is silent. This provides a spooky atmosphere and works nicely. You can also hear your footsteps as you travel through the desert.

Enjoyment: Your first missions are in the Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx -- very interesting scenery. With your long distance scope and the ability to pick off targets from great distances, you feel very powerful. It's a fun game to play and has sufficient danger to be nerve wracking.

Replay Value: Upon completing the campaign missions, you have nothing left to come back to. The single missions simply give you the option of playing one of the missions in the campaign so, after you've beaten them all, it's not much fun to play again. However, different characters may offer slightly different strengths or weaknesses to specific missions, such as Erica ("Mako") who is the best swimmer.


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