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If you have been to a video game store within the last few months, then you will have noticed the many, many different real-time strategy games out on the market. There's enough choices to make your head spin, but you won't go wrong by picking up one of the best of the bunch, which goes by the name of WarBreeds, the latest tile from Red Orb Entertainment. This game makes an effort to be somewhat original and has good, easy to use gameplay, which gives it the edge over most of the competition.

The history of the four clans begins with the story of the Yedda, the first intelligent life forms on the planet Aeolia. They were a deeply religious society who transformed their religion into a science, and these people happened to be very advanced genetic engineers. Yedda Shamans, as the genetic engineers were called, made life very comfortable for all Yedda by genetically engineering pods that acted as food and energy sources. Then the Shamans decided to genetically engineer slaves, the races of the Tanu, Sen-Soth, and the Kelika. Everything seemed peachy so far, but around this time, a rebel faction called the Magha Dhuerenya arose. This cult was based on an ancient prophecy that at the end of the Yedda Empire, strange new creatures would arise to cut down the entire race. A handful of these cultists entered a gene lab to genetically engineer a race strong enough to save the Yedda, the Magha.

Unfortunately these creatures mutated horribly and became the embodiment of the prophecy's ravagers. The Dhuerenya, believing their experiments had been sabotaged, declared a civil war against the Shamans. Also around this time, the slave races were found to be intelligent and decided to take their freedom. In the ensuing chaos, the Yedda were wiped out. This leaves you as one of the four genetically engineered races now known as the clans, who must now try to assert their control over the remnants of the Yedda Empire.

The interface and controls on WarBreeds are pretty standard for an RTS game. After you click on one of your units, you can then choose an action for it to perform using a menu. There is also an AI setting, so you can tell your troops what to do and how to act when you're not around. Each type of creature has its own purpose in battle; some are builders while other troops are fighters. Each clan also has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, though the Sen-Soth are weaker than the other clans, they grow and develop much more quickly so a group of them can swarm over a stronger enemy. The one really cool feature about WarBreeds I found was that you could learn secrets from your enemies. After you have killed an enemy, you gather their genetic material and then take it to the gene lab. From there it is turned into blueprints for a weapon that you can use, and you could start churning out units that you had customized and designed.

Animation and graphics in the game were a cut above most real-time strategy titles, however that is not to say they were superb. The sound effects were amazingly average as well, but that's no surprise considering what genre this game falls under. I really do wonder if there is some gigantic sound database out there, because some of these sound effects I could have sworn that I have heard on other games. Moving right along, as is standard with this type of game, WarBreeds offers both Internet and network gameplay.

All in all WarBreeds is a decent game. In fact it is one of the better real-time games on the market. Unfortunately it's come out at an inopportune time, as I think everyone will pick the newly released StarCraft over this one in a heartbeat. Compared to that title, WarBreeds gets knocked out of the ballpark, but if you have the money and desire, it's still a game that's worth checking out.


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