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This conventionally styled 2D real-time strategy is set during the June 1944 D-day Allied invasion at Normandy. Players take command of an American infantry unit right in the thick of it all, to guide them through two historically based campaigns of 12 missions each. Factors such as 11 different character classes, several available buildings and fortifications, a day-and-night cycle, and changing weather conditions are designed to bring variety and challenge to the WWII-themed game. In addition to the two single-player campaigns, multiplayer options support up to eight online commanders.

If you want to learn why most wargamers loathed and shunned the first generation of real-time strategy games, I submit this game as "Exhibit A."

It purports to give you a wide range of command and tactical options as you try to lead a Ranger battalion from the D-Day beaches to ultimate victory. The German designers have packed it, like an overstuffed bratwurst, with features cribbed from Close Combat (soldier icons encrusted with symbols), Nintendo tropes ("power-ups"), and every Warcraft clone you care to name. But all these details do nothing but make for a cluttered, confusing interface that you'll never even have time to explore.

That's right: War Commander is the kind of infuriating, hyperactive clickfest that most RTS makers have long since abandoned. Game speed is not - repeat: NOT - adjustable, and the default tempo is so fast that you simply can't react to events, much less plan strategies. You can pause the game, but you can't give orders or even scroll around in that mode.

As for historical accuracy, it's a pathetic joke. Early on, the American M-3 tank (the "General Grant") is identified as "The Grand" tank...and it gets worse from there.

War Commander is a pointless, hare-brained mess in every respect. On the default speed, it's literally unplayable, and that's the only speed available.


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