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Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise expands on the first Deep Sea Tycoon, allowing players more options for the creation of the ultimate underwater resort. Den divers can swim with seahorses at Seahorse Harbor, ride turtles at Turtle Cove, feed dolphins at Dolphin Bay, explore coral reef, and save whales in 30 missions of underwater construction. Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise includes two modes of play: "Multiple Play" and "Sandbox." As players progress through "Multiple" mode, more "Sandbox" environments are opened.

Appealing strictly to the youngest of gamers, Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise takes place entirely underwater in a wonderfully idealistic oceanic amusement park where humans, dolphins, and giant seahorses cavort together as if they were the best of friends.

As the manager of this marine playground, the player engages in a series of 30 increasingly challenging missions where he tries to keep the park running smoothly. To do so, he'll need to breed and care for various species of fish and aquatic mammals, attract human scuba divers, run gift shops and concessions, and generally keep everyone and everything upbeat. If this sounds a might complex for the game's age rating (3 years and older), it isn't.

To breed a killer whale, for example, you merely click on the appropriate icon and place a breeding capsule on any level patch of ocean floor. You then select the capsule by clicking on it, and then click the Create Sealife button. Voila, you have a killer whale. Feeding is an even simpler process, and so is creating and running an underwater gift shop. There are no time limits, nor are there penalties for wrong moves.

Yet even the youngest of tykes may tire of the surprisingly repetitive breed and feed mandate. There's also no way to fast-forward though the game's tedious money-earning segments. Although the underwater environment is compelling and fluid, it's far from groundbreaking. Creature animations are limited, the manually controlled camera feels awkward, and the playable region is tiny.

Had developer Pixel after Pixel opted for an edutainment product that helps budding oceanographers learn about marine life, Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise would have more value. The game is a sleepy, nonviolent diversion that does promote appreciation for our underwater friends, but is otherwise an obviously low budget exercise -- albeit one that dresses its female divers in skimpy thong bikinis and its male divers in full bodysuits. But what child doesn't appreciate a little blatant sexism?


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