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Disney Toy Story Powerplay from Disney Interactive is not only a blast from the past, with gripping 2D platform action, but also a taste of the future, with interactive characters that may change the way they behave each time the game is played.

In this adventure you take the role of Woody, the laid-back pull-string cowboy, who is trying to rescue the shiny spaceman Buzz Lightyear from the dangers of the real world. There are 17 levels to complete in five different areas, each with a distinctive name such as Pizza Planet, Day-Toy-Na and Rocket Man.

All of the key elements of the popular Disney film are included, as the characters escape from fierce dogs, enter into high-speed chases, and avoid the (strangely drawn) human beings. Many of the distinctive toy characters from the film appear in the game, including Mr. Potato Head, Etch-A-Sketch, and R. C. Car, to add continuity and move the story ahead.

But is it any good? Actually, yes it is, although most of the action is two-dimensional platform-jumping. While the style of play will appeal primarily to fans of Super Mario Bros. and Sonic The Hedgehog, there's still enough variety to satisfy those who are more used to high-tech 3D space shooters and the like. The voices and sound effects are of the highest quality and when the game is played with a suitable graphics card, the full-screen action is impressive indeed.

"To Infinity and Beyond?" Maybe not, but this game will certainly push the boredom away for several hours (and maybe even have you subconsciously shouting "Yee - Harrrr!" to yourself for some time after playing it).

Graphics: Colorful and effective backgrounds

Sound: Excellent voices and sound effects from the film

Enjoyment: Easily to pick up and play.

Replay Value: Some levels seem far too short.

The game that blasts you to infinity and beyond!

Rev up your twitch finger because the toys are back in town! And now they're starring in a fast, furious, and funny video game you can play on your computer. You'll go one-on-one with the evil Claw, Scud, and the workbench of horrors. But hang in there, because you and Woody need to rescue Buzz from the toy-torturing boy next door. It's forty hours of gaming so wild, it's out of this world!

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