Star Wars: Millennium Falcon CD-ROM Playset Download (1998 Arcade action Game)

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Have you ever seen a game in the store that looked so intriguing that you just had to stop and look? Well, with its oversized box complete with a replica cockpit of arguably the most well-known fictional spaceship in the galaxy, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon CD-ROM Playset does a very nice job of this -- at least it did for me. I went on to purchase the game, in fact, and anxiously awaited getting home to play it.

When I first launched the game, it seemed very cool. A computerized voice instructed me as to how to operate the interesting contraption that now sat atop my keyboard, explaining the function of each component. I was told how to get to all of the game's seven locations, where, as I was informed by a Rebel general with a Canadian accent, I needed to locate the three parts composing the plans to the Death Star. Everything so far was fine and good.

But then it was time for the action. I immediately attempted to get to Tatooine's Jabba's Palace. In my way, though, was a squadron of TIE fighters, my first taste of real action in the game. Let's just put it this way: not having previously read the instructions, I had no idea what I was doing. Any attempts I made in moving the first-person view from the ship were futile. Every now and then a TIE would be targeted with a green light -- somehow. Eventually I would figure out that the computer both steered and targeted, my only obligation being to press down on Luke's chair whenever a target had locked. It became incredibly easy. Little did I know at the time that this would be one of the harder scenes.

Upon landing at Jabba's, things became a little more understandable. Whenever a green target appeared, I was supposed to press down on Luke's space. Unlike a few sequences that were designed especially for this game, this particular scene was composed entirely of live action from a Return of the Jedi actually). It was my job to tell Luke when to shoot at Jabba and when to take action when fighting the Rancor. It didn't take much thought.

A scene or two later, I would figure out that whenever a red target appeared on the screen I was to press the inventory key to claim something from the scene. If I was lucky, it would be one of the parts of the Death Star plans. I'll just go ahead and tell you right now that it didn't take long for me to find all three. The locations of the plans will vary game by game, but you'll often find them very soon, go straight to the trench run scene in the Death Star and win the game. Meanwhile, the inventory items you do pick up are absolutely worthless unless you are a

Graphics: Most of the graphics are live action, though they can tend to be a little grainy at times. The computer-generated graphics are nice, but nothing spectacular.

Sound: Great sound effects like blasters, explosions and activating the hyperdrive.

Enjoyment: Once you figure it out, using the playset to control things is fun. Eventually, though, the game's easiness deters from what could be a very enjoyable game.

Replay Value: Once you've played through every scene once or twice, you're not likely to return.


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