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Use your helicopter to land and save civilians in need while destroying any and all enemy hostiles in the vicinity!


Your helicopter is a fast gunship capable of quick maneuvers (left, up, down, right) and also equipped with a chain-gun (simply put, it can shoot). Your helicopter can also change directions by pressing the CTRL button, which is especially useful if you want to aim at ground targets.

As mentioned, your primary objective is to rescue those helpless civilians running around on the ground. To do so, you must carefully land your chopper on the ground and wait them to board your helicopter. Enemy hostiles may attempt to thrawt your rescue attempts while possibly also killing those civilians. Killed civilians will cause a negative score (indicated by the score board) while rescued civilians will be indicated by a positive score.

Airlift Rescue is a remake of CHOPLIFTER which was very popular in the early 1980's on the ATARI and APPLE-II platforms.

You are the pilot of a rescue helicopter. Your mission is to fly to a mideastern terrorist compound and rescue 64 hostages that are being held in four separate buildings (16 in each building) and fly them back to American embassy. The terrorists have a seemingly endless supply of tanks, jet fighters and chopper-seeking drones to hinder your success. Your helicopter will hold only 16 hostages, so a minimum of 4 missions must be flown to rescue all of the hostages. The door of the first building has already been blown open and the hostages will be outside waiting for you. You must blast open the remaining buildings (or get the tanks and jets to do it) to free the remaining hostages. The buildings must be opened in order (right to left). Whenever you land, the hostages will come running and enter the helicopter. Once you have a full load onboard (16), fly them back to the embassy and land on the light green landing pad to the left of the building. The hostages will exit the helicopter and enter the embassy.

You may use the keyboard or a joystick to control the helicopter. If you're using the keyboard, the arrow keys control the direction the helicopter moves (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT). The CTRL key changes the direction the helicopter is facing (FRONT, LEFT, RIGHT). The space bar fires the helicopter's gun. If you're using the joystick, push the stick forward to go down, pull back to go up, push left to go left, and push right to go right. Button #1 fires the gun. Button #2 changes direction chopper is facing.

You get a special reward if you rescue all 64!

The game is 2d and in realtime. The more hostages you rescue the harder it seems to get and it gets addicting the more you play. Overall I gave the game a 3/5.

You are the helicopter which has to rescue people which ussually stand around the buildings, but you have to make sure you don't get hit my the enemies.

Simple concept: fly your helicopter to rescue hostages, bring them to the embassy and destroy tanks and other enemy crafts on your way. The game is a remake of the old Atari/Apple classic Choplifter that some of you may remember. Well, there isn't much to say - solid work.

Airlift Rescue is a fun variation of the classic Chopper game of yore in which, manning artillery, you must shoot all enemies that drop from parachutes before they get close enough to you. The game turns the concept upside down and have you fly a helicopter to rescue hostages while avoiding artillery fire. There are 64 hostages in four separate buildings, but the helicopter can only hold 16 hostages at a time. The first group of hostages will be outside waiting, but you must blast open the remaining buildings to free the rest of the hostages. The buildings must be opened in order, from right to left. When you land, the hostages will run and enter the helicopter, and you must fly them back to the American embassy. It takes skill to manage the chopper direction and shooting ranges, but this makes the game challenging on different levels. In short, this is mindless fun at its best! For a more faithful conversion of the classic, try Night Raid instead.

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