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Cool Croc Twins is a platform game where, as one of the cool crocodile twins Punk and Funk, you try to reach the beautiful crocodile girl. To do so, you'll have to complete over 60 levels. Each level is made of a bunch of thin, floating platforms. When you approach the edge of a platform, you do not fall off - rather, you begin walking upside-down on the other side! Instead of jumping, you "reverse the gravity" of your croc, causing him to fall up or down until he lands on a platform. You goal on each level is to light up all the bulbs by bumping them with your head. If you hit the bulb three times it will be completely lit up. Some bulbs are invisible on higher levels. There are also foes who want to stop you and who sabotage your efforts by bumping into the bulbs you've lit, turning them off. Your foes can walk on both sides of the platforms just as you and can jump from platform to platform just as you, so watch out! The game can be played by 2 players, so if you are Funk then your friend is Punk and you can challenge each other in scores.

As suitors of sexy croquette-babe Daisy, Punk and Funk croc are by far the coolest characters you can play with in the cutesy puzzle game "Cool Croc Twins". In the gambling machine style game, you have to complete screen by screen, level by level in order to get the girl. Jump, bash, and catch upgrades faster than your competitor can when in two player mode.

Each level can be completed by lighting up all the bulbs. This is achieved by bumping them with your head. If you hit a bulb three times it will be completely lit up and when every bulbs are lit up, you jump onto the next level to do it again. Some of the bulbs are invisible on higher levels. A series of walls, blocks and obstacles provide your route to these bulbs along with one of three movement control methods (clockwise, anticlockwise, and jumping). The movement is mirrored if you walk upside down and gravity does not matter in this game. In two player mode, each bulb has two sections for each player and Punk and Funk have to race to light their own halves of the bulbs.

Does this not sound attractive to you? Don't underestimate it; from the moment you start the game all is very sophisticated; the cute intro with good SoundBlaster tunes the cute crocs, Daisy... When you start playing in two player mode I guarantee instant addiction! If you don't have a second human player, computer will take over...

A level return-code is conveniently displayed upon completion of each one. This will allow you to return to the level you have finished last.

CONCLUSION: An extraordinary cutesy game at its best, which is ideally played in two player mode.

Cool Croc Twins is a cute little platformer that has never heard of the wonders of gravity. ;) The two crocodile stars of this game, Punk and Funk, have a big problem. Their girlfriend, Daisy Crocette (*groan*) seems to have gotten herself in trouble, and as a result, it's up to the croc twins to get her back.

To get Daisy back, Punk and Funk have to run through 60 levels, each of which contains one static screen with a bunch of enemies, blocks and lights. The object is to make all of the lights glow, and the cool croc twins do that by bouncing on them. If it all sounds pretty surreal, that's because it is. But it's actually quite a simple game to get the hang of. The crocs run around the edges of the screen. Pressing the fire button makes them jump to the other side of the screen, or onto any blocks that are floating in the level. This is also the only method of killing the various enemies in each level, whose only purpose in life is to turn off all the lights that you spend forever turning on.

There's two crocs, so there's naturally a two player mode which helps a lot-- if you can find a victim to play the game with, of course. Despite the game's fun mix of action and puzzle elements, sixty levels consisting of relatively the same premise gets very repetitive very quickly. Overall, this is a decent conversion of the Amiga and C64 old game, although it won't hold your interest for more than a few levels once the novelty wears off.

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