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Guide Dave through ten terrifying levels as he tries to reclaim his trophies from a deserted pirate's hideout! This is a standard platform run and jump game although with only 10 levels it's meant to be more difficult than the usual. This game is in 16-color double-res mode on the Apple II and is essentially the same as the original Apple II hi-res version titled "Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate's Hideout".

From arcade classics such as Dangerous Dave, some of today's most famous series, such as Duke Nukem and Commander Keen, were developed. It is simple, straightforward and fun to play.

In its time, this game became really famous; it fitted easily on a single floppy disk while still featuring state-of-the-art VGA graphics, many levels and enemies and great PC speaker sounds. Unfortunately the sequel, Dangerous Dave 2 (also made by Softdisk), was just a pale imitation of its predecessor.

In both games, you're in charge of the eponymous Dave. Your goal is to get through 10 levels by picking up golden goblets and then going through the door on each level. You'll need a gun on most of the levels since they are full of funny-looking enemies such as red suns and green plates. Now and then you may also encounter a jetpack. The levels themselves are very nicely designed, packed with traps and shiny diamonds.

Overall, this game scores above average on all marking criteria.

Platform game with Dangerous Dave. Some later made sequel of the famous game! Enter the haunted mansion where you can play more levels of dangerous dave.

One of John Romero's earliest games before he became world-famous as one of id Software legends, Dangerous Dave is a fun platformer similar to Super Mario. You are Dangerous Dave, a little precocious kid who must find ten skateboarding trophies that your nemesis Clyde Cooper hid in a pirate's hideout.

Gameplay in Dangerous Dave is nothing you haven't seen if you have played other platform games. What makes the game memorable and a lot of fun, however, are the many cool secret levels and the great sense of humor. Your enemies include creative monsters with names like WeirdWeeds, FearsomeFire, and WickedWater, all of which have unique attacks and characteristics. Level designs are excellent, showing much of Romero's knack that would become a hallmark in id Software games. With a lot of secret levels, humorous monsters and gags, and simple but fun gameplay, Dangerous Dave is a solid shareware game that paves the way for id blockbusters.

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