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Duke Nukem: Waiting for Forever is a fun and varied Duke Nukem fangame starring the lovable smart-ass hero from 3D Realms' series. Fellow Game Maker coder darthlupi says it all about this fun game in his review for Gamemakergames.com:

"This adventure starts out on the set of the Dr. Phil show in the middle of an interview with our hero. Right when the interview is getting interesting, a group of soldiers from "The Crusade of Eternity" barge in trying to steal free air time from Duke Nukem. Well what Duke doesn't like, he shoots! This starts the adventure off in a pretty humorous and action packed state. The great thing is that it never lets up through the entire game. Throughout the game you have several different mission types where you have to blast your way through hordes of Eternity soldiers and their robotic mechs.

You control our hero with the keyboard performing basic platformer moves. You can run, jump, duck, and even walk. The best part in my opinion is the shooting. You get to aim with the mouse the entire time. You have a targeting reticule that you can aim your guns with while concentrating on your fancy footwork. You will need fancy footwork because the enemy is no dummy, but I'll get into that more in the My Thoughts section of this review. There are several weapons throughout the game. Some weapons even have an alternate firing feature that allows you to fire a second type of blast or, in one weapon's case, use a shield. You can pick and choose your weapons by discarding the ones you don't want and storing others in your four weapon slots. It is a beautiful thing when you discover your favorite weapon combinations. One of the more interesting features of the gameplay is that you can actually ride in equipment that is lying around the many different battlefields. You can control a tank, a walker, and a laser-equipped jet fighter. You can even visit later levels by trading in your points. The best thing about all this is that it all works great.

Brilliant? Yes! Fun? You betcha. Replay value? I played some levels twice just for the heck of it. The graphics, though not highly detailed, are perfect for this game. They seem to match just right from cut scenes to fierce battles. The music appeared to be just right too. I noticed no lacking sound effects, and the ones I noticed were pleasing to the ears. My favorite part out of all the sensory goodies was the AI. The baddies in this game react to your movements. They jumped, dodged, ducked, and blasted me to high heavens. It made the game so much more enjoyable when I had to out think my opponents instead of just blast blast blast. The weapons all worked great, and they were varied enough to keep me interested. I loved the shield/laser gun. All in all I love this game and can't wait for a sequel. There will be more. RIGHT?"


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