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In Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue, the player controls a fireman driving a firetruck. Both the fireman and the firetruck bear the familiar style of the popular Fisher-Price toy line. The object of the game is to rescue pets from trees and people from houses in the immediate neighborhood. There are 2 parts to this task: the first part involves navigating the maze-like streets from an overhead perspective in order to find the troubled residence. Once the house is reached, the second part of the job is to maneuver the firetruck's ladder underneath the person or animal in need of rescue, from a side perspective, and letting them down to safety.

While the first level confines the entire neighborhood to a one-screen maze, later levels span multiple screens, thereby increasing the challenge. Further, later levels also add time limits and additional keys that the player must collect before attempting the rescue mission.

This game is meant for the little kids among us. First you have to drive through a labyrinth to your destination. At your destination you have to save cats, or people from their houses who are apparantly on fire (but you don't see them burn). There are 4 levels to play the game; level 3 and 4 are with a time challenge so lets play those ones.

A cute little action game starring little people, Fisher-Price's popular toys for toddlers. The idea: as a fireman in training, you must rescue little people and their pets from burning houses and trees. There are four levels of difficulty, none of which should pose any problems for action experts (not surprisingly, since the game was designed for kids). Gameplay is extremely simple: first, navigate the maze to get to the burning house, then use the cursor keys to rescue little people and pets. Reflexes and good timing are the only skills you need to succeed, and the game quickly loses its appeal after the first few minutes. Still, for fans of Fisher-Price's toys, Firehouse Rescue is a worthwhile addition to their collection.

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