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Freddy Fish is an arcade action game where your goal is to become the biggest fish in the sea! On each screen, you need to eat all of the fish to proceed to the next level. You will only be able to eat fish that are smaller than you, but as fish are eaten you grow in size.

There are three different screens on which you need to eat fish: In the first screen you are in the open sea and need to dodge larger fish, a diver, and fishing nets from the boat on the surface while eating little white fishes to grow bigger and bigger.

In the second screen you are in a narrow maze of fishing nets. You lose a life if your fish touches a net, and the bigger your fish gets the tougher it will be to navigate the maze! Eat the three pink fishes and a gap will appear on the right hand side of the screen, through which you can exit to the last screen.

In the last screen you need to rescue your fellow fishes who are trapped in a net. As time ticks away they are captured onto a boat. Eat the little white fishes and avoid the fishing hooks, when you are big enough you can bite through the net and get bonus points for the remaining fishes.

After all three screens are completed, the game repeats at a tougher difficulty level.

Freddy Fish, Fleet Sweep, and Spyder are three arcade oldies by Mirror Images Software, no doubt one of the most obscure game developers ever. Similar to Windmill Software, Mirror Images produced games that were "inspired" (to put it mildly) by well-known arcade classics, most often ATARI games. They all play pretty well, but they don't really offer any innovations to set them apart from the original classics. Of this trio, Spyder is probably the best game of the lot: you shoot spiders that drop from the ceiling, and there are a few surprises on the later levels to keep things interesting. Fleet Sweep is good fun, but it becomes tedious after a while once a lot of fish fill up the screen. All three games except Spyder suffer from quick repetitiveness, but they'll hold your interest for a few minutes at least. If you just want to pick the best game of the lot, try Spyder, peek at Freddy Fish and leave Fleet Sweep alone.

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