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CHAMP Kong is a DOS shareware remake of the classic Donkey Kong arcade machine. Like the other games in CHAMProgramming's series of arcade remakes, it closely emulates the original with two different game modes, the original "Classic" mode and an enhanced "Champ" mode.

The "Classic" mode plays and feels much like the arcade machine, with very similar graphics, sound and gameplay. Gameplay is well-known: You play Jumpman, having to rescue your girlfriend from the clutches of love-sick giant ape Kong, by running, jumping an climbing to get to the top of the skyscraper. You can pick up your girlfriend's lost items for bonus points and grab a hammer to smash barrels and fireballs thrown at you by Kong.

The "Champ" mode is an upgraded version of the classic game, featuring different levels and more bonuses.

Finally, the game features a variety of options -- one or two player modes, three difficulty settings, adjustable game speed, input by keyboard, mouse or joystick (Champ even released a "Champ cable" that allowed you to play the game with digital joysticks), and a high score table to round it all off.

Look! It's Donkey Kong! He's using a pseudonym here - probably to avoid all his fans. Or legal reasons maybe? His record label owning his name...? Okay so... this is TAFKADK - The Ape Formerly Known As Donkey Kong. Or... Champ Kong. Story is the same - ol' Donkey invited a beautiful blonde girl over for the weekend - dinner, champagne - you name it. But of course that mad plumber had to turn up - Mario. Why? Oh, don't ask me. He just has to ruin it for poor Mr. Kong all the time.

For some weird reason the game designers thought it would be nice to take the side of the evil guy this time - you are Mario - you have to kidnap the girl and make Donkey's life living hell. Good thing is - the mighty monkey is prepared. He defends himself with a brilliant strategy including fire and barrels. This strategy ensures Mario doesn't get higher up than to the 2nd ladder or so - we're talking of the worldchampion barrelthrower here!

Well to be honest - this game seems to be EXTREMELY hard. I'm normally not THAT bad at Donkey Kong, but this game seems to be simply unbeatable. It's nicely made though if you can get along with the high difficulty. Very professional, good graphics - everything fits.

CHAMP Kong is a great remake of Nintendo's classic Kong game that stars Mario, the plump plumber who will become much more famous in his own platform series. The goal is simple: your girlfriend has been kidnapped by a lovesick ape named Kong, and he's taken her to the top of a dangerous construction site. It's up to you to run, jump and climb up various ladders to reunite with the girl, while avoiding barrels Kong throws at you, and fireballs coming from the sides. Once you reach the top, Kong will grab the girl and bring her to a higher level.

Similar to other CHAMP games, CHAMP Kong offers both the faithfully-recreated arcade levels and the updated CHAMP levels that feature new challenges and better graphics. The game also includes a challenging bonus stage - a big plus for die-hard fans of the game.

CHAMP games are notable for excellent graphics, faithful recreation of arcade originals, and a smooth, addictive gameplay that brings the much-loved classic to a new generation of gamers, as well as old-timers who will enjoy the CHAMP levels. If you love the arcade original, you will doubtless enjoy this wonderful remake from one of the best shareware companies in the business.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.57 MB).


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