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As a naval agent your job is to find the secret undersea laboratory of evil scientist, Dr. Riptide and give an end to its destructive effects in this side scrolling arcade action. In your explorations of the underwater caverns, your main vehicle is a submarine. You can also use a JASON submersible that will help you to reach smaller areas with its small size. Your ability can be enhanced by collecting Power-Ups.

You are Nick Nautilus, Special Naval Agent 1138. This is your briefing: "... you have been called into action to seek and destroy the undersea laboratory of Dr. Tiberius Riptide, a mad scientific outcast. You have been ordered to use any means necessary to put Dr. Riptide and his secret lab out of commission.. for good. . . . . . A JASON submersible will be issued to aid your search. The JASON's small, manageable size will make it an invaluable asset.

In Search of Dr. Riptide is a beautifully colored underwater adventurous arcade-like game. The main goal of the game is to destroy Dr. Riptide's mysterious lair, deep within underwater catacombs off the coast of Australia. Sound easy? Well good luck getting around the Doc's creations, traps and many more dangers that lurk in the deep blue.

You have the option of starting that game from the start, known as Act I, or from a different act - named Act II. To get the most out of this game, try completing Act I first, then tackle the challenging ocean of Act II. The game also uses a password system so make sure you jot down passwords you have unlocked, then use them again to resume the level you were previously on.

The game, like many games around that year, is side-scrolling shooter. What makes this game unique and very awesome is the ability to launch a micro sub named JASON. When launching, the main submarine is stationary and you control the JASON throughout the sea. Be careful, you only have a limited time before he must be returned.

Once under the ocean, you firstly control the large submarine, closely followed by the JASON. The main idea is to collect keys, shoot enemies and find the exit of each level. If you switch over the JASON, then you are able to freely move the little sub around the ocean. He is vital for places where you can't normally reach with a larger sub. When controlling, the larger submarine is stationary and you must return to it in a certain amount of time, as said before.

In Search of Dr. Riptide also has other factors to look out for, these being damage and air. When your shield has been drained then your submarine blows up and when your air goes, well, basically you're dead once again. In order to get more air you need to pickup floating fuel Power-Ups. Solving the shield problem is similar; just grab a Power-Up that increases your shield power.

By collecting Power-Ups, your abilities will be enhanced in some way. As I've already mentioned the Shield Power-Up adds to your shield but decreases your fire power. Lost your JASON? No problem! Just find the JASON Power-Up which will return the little fellow in no time! There are many other Power-Ups throughout the game so keep a look out for them.

This game was very challenging for me and I found that aspects of an action, platform, arcade scroller with a tinker of puzzle and strategy very enjoyable. Although, at some points through the game, I was annoyed with the repetition of the music and how I was always cramped through the perils of the sea. All in all, this game is a gem and if you haven't played it, do so! Four Quacks out of five for me :)

In Search of Dr. Riptide is a fun shareware platformer from Raoul Said, designer of Pea Shootin' Pete. Similar to his other game, ISODR is fun, colorful, and nicely animated. As a naval officer, your mission is to discover and destroy the secret undersea laboratory of Dr. Riptide, an evil scientist bent on (duh) destroying the world.

The game is a side-scrolling shooter, with you controlling the submarine as it explores the underwater caverns. The game follows the same "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach of countless shooters before it, although there are several nice innovations. For example, you can launch a small submersible called "Jason" that will help you to reach smaller areas in the game. This is useful for collecting hard-to-reach power-ups, for example. If you like Pea Shootin' Pete or well-designed shooters in general, you will like this fun, unassuming game that boasts much higher production value (and number of levels) than its shareware status may suggest. Recommended!

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