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Step into the shoes of a gangster in 1930s Chicago. Capone is dead and now you must defeat his forces in order to take over the city. As a mobster you'll take part in drive-by shootings, bombings, gambling, and bribery of government officials. The King of Chicago can be controlled completely with a mouse; no typing is required. The game also features original music and events that change from game-to-game based on the player's actions.

With Al Capone out of the picture, Chicago's prohibition-era profit is up for grabs. Are you merciless and cunning enough to gain it by whatever means are required? Every action you take has complex long-term consequences which are not always obvious at the time.

You must keep your people on your side, watching what you say and do, knowing that an overthrow could be hatched at any moment. Look after your woman as well - who's going to respect a single mobster? The money has to be juggled in these ways, not forgetting to reach an 'understanding' with the Mayor to avoid any negative attentions.

It's 1931, Capone is out of the picture (thanks to the Untouchables - also downloadable at our site, but that's another game) and Chicago needs a new king. Have you got what it takes?

Now, you should not expect a fast action game here, because King of Chicago is a thinking game. It's much like Hidden Agenda or Yes Prime Minster.

You're Pinky, an uprising mobster who wishes to take over the business and then run it. You're on your way to become the top dog of Chicago. You often get in dilemmas like what to do next in such or such case. You are thinking about the alternatives. You need to choose your path out of the choices given. Every choice you make will influence the further development.

You'll also meet people. They won't be very "straight forward" with you, so watch out, they're wise guys too and you should expect them to be backstabbing rats (just like you). If you press them too hard to make them speak their mind openly, they will start distrusting you.

First you need to make sure you have people backing you up, so you can take on the old man (the boss in retirement). You'll need to earn their respect. You will have to blow up a little Barber Shop on the South side of the city (used to be Capone's). This is one of the action scenes (you need to hit the lit window with a bomb from a car passing by quickly).

Then, the negotiations will begin, finding help to manage the town of the old boss, to become the top honcho. Remember, there are many ways for doing things, but not all choices are successful. After that, you are placed in charge and you have to make sure the boys will remember the example you set. If changing the boss is as easy as coming in and plugging him, then who is here to say that the same won't happen to you?

Well you won't really have too much time to think about that (although you should never show your weaknesses), because you'll be too busy bribing politicians, organizing speakeasies, keeping your flame satisfied (now that's a dame), and much more.

The game play is really brilliant. You get a combination of thinking and doing (with more plotting than shooting). Unfortunately you can't save the game, you'll need to play it from the beginning to the very end. Luckily the graphics (although 4 color CGA) are brilliant, so it's not a problem being stuck with this game. The sound's also fairly enjoyable (although it only supports PC speaker). All in all the game is a masterpiece.

King of Chicago is one of Cinemaware's best-loved games, and for good reason: it oozes a ton of atmosphere, and is simply a blast to play. Set in the roaring twenties, you play Pinky, a two-bit hood with million dollar dreams. When Al Capone is jailed, a power vacuum is created in Chicago, and you are just the man to fill it, or so you think. First you need a gang; why not the one you are in already? Well, because the "Old Man" is still in charge. If you wait for him to die, prohibition will end and its "curtains" for Pinky and all the other gangsters. Time to act. But do you try to persuade him or scare him off, or just bump him off? Should you act alone or gather some allies in the gang? These sorts of decisions are followed by scenes where you must carry out your plans. Even the best laid plans can go awry if you hesitate, say the wrong thing or fail to get off a clean shot. Once in charge you will want to expand your territory. Sometimes corrupt politicians can deliver but elections don't come cheap. You must lean on your speakeasies and bootleggers for the cash to pay your thugs (and keep your demanding and none to faithful "main squeeze" happy). And when talk and money fail, well there's always guns and bombs.

This is definitely one of the best gangster games ever made, although the emphasis on arcade elements (some of which are very difficult) may turn some off. Recommended!

Chicago 1931; Al Capone is jailed. And you want to take his place. Sort strategy game where you want to go to the top of the mafia.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (6.99 MB).


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