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Dizzy must rescue four of his 'Yolkfolk' (groan) chums in this game, from Cuckoo Land, Ice Land, Cloud Land and Zak's Castle. Like Fast Food it doesn't directly resemble the main series of arcade adventures, instead being a single-screen action game, resembling Pengo. The basic idea is to move around a maze of blocks collecting fruit, but the twist in the style is that you push the blocks in the maze to kill or trap those enemies. After every level is completed a short bonus screen appears where more fruit can be collected. During play various other tokens are released, such as bonus points, a smart bomb and control reversal.

The Dizzy gang was planning to go on holiday and made so much ruckus they annoyed a powerful wizard, Zaks, who was trying to take a nap. As an act of vengeance he sent each of the eggheads to their own personal hell. For instance, Denzil thought he was pretty cool, so the wizard sent him to the Iceworld. Old grampa Dizzy was senile, so he got send to the land of Cuckoo. Pretty harsh don't you think. Dizzy's girlfriend got send to the wizards Dungeon which, naturally, makes Dizzy kind of mad. Well, Zaks obviously picked the wrong egg to mess with. You're job is to guide Dizzy through the four levels in order to save his girl...

Most games in the Dizzy-series tend to be simple, colorful little games, with cheery background-tunes. Usually you can play them if you have ten mintues or so to spare and they're never very hard. Kwik Snax is no exception to this rule. The game is a mixture of Pac-Man -collecting stuff and avoiding enemies- and Sokoban: pushing crates around to make some room. There are four levels consisting of a couple of fields each. The graphics are nice, the tune is worth humming along with (but sticks in your head for quite some time after playing) and the controls are straightforward as is the gameplay.

Spot, Boulder dash, Kwiksnax - pretty much the same. Push boulders and pick up items (bananas, apples, oranges...). Oh, try to avoid those fireballs. They can be very deadly...

Fans of Spectrum computers would recall that Codemasters' Dizzy series were some of the best games ever made for that computer. Created by a quirky pair of designers who call themselves The Oliver Twins, the series feature Dizzy, prince of the egg-shaped people (okay, they're actually eggs) who are, quite ingeniously, called yolkfolk. The games are either arcade adventure, or arcade-style puzzlers. The series is memorable for eccentric level design, great music, and wonderful cartoon-style sense of humor. There were 15 Dizzy games made for the Spectrum, only 7 of which were ported to the PC.

Kwik Snax is a sequel of sorts to Fast Food, and is the second Dizzy arcade game released for the PC. The plot: evil wizard Zaks has imprisoned four members of the Yolkfolk on four different islands, and you have to rescue them. Each island consists of several sub-levels where you have to eat all the fruit (sounds familiar, eh?) The monsters are removed by pushing blocks around, but they'll reappear after a short time. There's also a bonus level where again you must collect as much fruit as you can, but this time, the floor is made of ice.

Like all other Dizzy games, Kwik Snax has excellent graphics and sounds. Unfortunately, like most of the other Dizzy arcade games, it's far too easy and it won't take long for you to complete. Oh well, at least the straightforward gobble-up-fruit gameplay of Fast Food is enhanced somewhat by icy floors and movable blocks. Recommended only for die-hard Dizzy or Pac-Man fans only.

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