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One of the best Breakout/Arkanoid clones I have seen, LBreakout2 is a great Windows port of the Linux game of the same name, which is in turn the sequel to LBreakout which was released only for Linux.

LBreakout 2 has the same features as other good Breakout clones: smooth graphics, good bonuses, and dozens of levels (50, to be exact). What sets the game apart from others, however, is the existence of "maluses" - special icons that have the opposite effects to bonuses: they hurt you rather than help. Maluses can shorten your paddle, freeze your paddle, accelerate all balls, and other devious effects. The most evil malus of all is probably the 'malus magnet,' which attracts all maluses on the screen to your paddle. Maluses make the game more challenging, because you have to dodge them while collecting bonuses. There are also plenty of special bricks to keep the game fresh, including growing bricks, explosive bricks, regenerative bricks, indestructible bricks, chaotic bricks, and more. Once you finish all the levels, you can create your own with the easy-to-use level editor, and check out the official site for levels that other players have created.

With a refreshingly innovative gameplay, smooth action, and a very polished interface and graphics, LBreakout 2 belongs to every serious Breakout fan's library. It's definitely one of the best, if not THE best, Breakout games ever made - right up there with DX-Ball 2. You can even play against other human players via TCP/IP. Best of all, this is an open source game, so it has been ported to numerous other operating systems and actively improved by eager fans. A must-have.

LBreakout2 is another great Breakout clone. At least for me it is a quite good copy of the Arkanoid as the general interface and way the game is played reminds me a lot of Arkanoid and is still a bit different than other games in this genre. Especially many of the levels are looking very similar to some of the levels seen in Arkanoid.

The controls are quite easy to use as you use the mouse to move the bar around. I'm not sure whether it was just how the game was running on the system I was testing the game on but the game ran in a Dos window (not full screen) which resulted in that I could move the mouse outside the Dos window and this way the bar didn't move. I died a few times because of this but this could probably be fixed by running it directly from Dos. Just remember this little thing when you start the game. There are also many different things you can pick up from the blocks you hit and even a few not seen in any similar games. Unlike a game like DX Ball the blocks are quite close to you which mean that the overall gameplay is much faster at the beginning of the level. Once you have hit all the blocks in the front it is of course getting a bit slower.

The graphics are very smooth during the entire game and matching sounds and music adds to that LBreakout2 is an overall good game and is of the same quality as DX Ball and even better than DX Ball 2. Yet another great Breakout clone.


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