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You and your squad are on their way back from R&R in Saigon to your operations base when Viet Cong guerillas force your helicopter to crash land in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It's now your responsibility to lead the remaining survivors to the nearest U.S. base, evading or facing an elusive and dangerous enemy on his own grounds.

Most of the time, you'll see a map of the country on the screen and navigate your men through the country. It's important to watch your men's health and morale by getting them food, water, ammo and letting them rest, etc. When reaching certain spots on the map, e.g. a native village, the game presents the current situation in a nice graphic scene. Sometimes you'll run into V.C. snipers, patrols, whole ambushes or encounter minefields. Then the game offers some small arcade sequences like firing your guns or fighting it out in desperate hand-to-hand combat. The progress of your party is accompanied by video sequences from the Vietnam War.

In the midst of the Vietnam War a helicopter crashed in the enemy zone. Short on ammo and barely having a thing to eat, seven soldiers must cross 58 miles of enemy territory to survive. And that's just the good news.

They must sneak, fight, hide and never give up. They will avoid and fight VC patrols, they will be caught in sniper-fire, they will stumble through mine-fields, watch for traps, fight enemy soldiers... and the price of failure is life.

As you might have guessed by now, Lost Patrol is a simulation of the war in Vietnam. You lead a group of soldiers through the enemy zone. A map of the territory will be shown in the main view along with many options in the bottom of the screen. It would be too much describing them all, just try each one of them once and you'll figure them out (lowering the food rations right at the start is highly recommended). The map is divided into sectors, so you lead your group from sector to sector. Will the next step bring more trouble? Should you rest instead? Or maybe send a scout to check it out first, while your men are starving?

Every conflict is a little game with a different style from other ones, like one-on-one bare-hands fight or very interesting sniper fire, where you have to take down the enemy sniper before he shoots you. When some sort of an encounter happens, you must deal with this new danger. If you fail, someone from your group will surely be wounded, maybe even killed. If you were successful, search the area for food and ammo. The map you see is always same, but with different occasions every time you play. You will surely realize that the game is hard at the very beginning. Well, it gets only harder. A rescue of the lost patrol in a situation like this is a nearly impossible mission and you can't really expect it to be a walk in the park.

There are several cut scenes before a certain occasion. Well, after you've seen them a few times, they might become irritating, especially that machine gun. Cut scenes can't be interrupted, so you are forced to watch them over and over again and they can last more than just a few seconds. Not too long, but enough to start going on your nerves. Also, you may see some raw animations of a soldier or pictures of the surrounding area when moving through the sectors. They are very good and just might give you the feeling like you're inside a Vietnam War movie.

Use the numpad (or cursor keys) to move your group on the map. Buttons O,P,Q, A and SPACE are left for the in game. Use those buttons to select options on the map screen and when dealing with enemy.

This game could be so, so much better. The concept of "Lost Patrol" could be developed into a legend. Although action scenes in the game are very interesting, something is missing. Better graphics and music would probably create a better feeling of war in Vietnam and it's not just about make-up of the game. There are elements that will really pop the feeling, but the more you play and the more skilled you become, the game just gets repetitive. Everyone who played this game on Amiga will probably be disappointed. Still, you should try this one because it might be interesting (especially some parts) and you probably never played something like this before.

The year is 1965. An American patrol got lost in Vietnam and You have to save them. To escape the bloodthirsty Vietcong soldiers You'll have to reach the base on the far east, but that sure is not an easy task. You'll fight snipers, VC patrols, interrogate civilians, encounter booby traps... Game is veeeery hard to complete, and the real bad thing about it are the controls.

One of the greatest wargames ever made for any computer platform. The Amiga version is without doubt the best version so play that version if you have the chance. The graphics and music are really great and even if the game play sucked (which it doesn't) I would still have played this game.

You are in charge of your own infantry group and are located in the middle of Vietnam in 1965. Your job is to lead your entire infantry group through the forest and in safety at an American base. Before you can succeed in that you can will have to fight the enemy through different combat modes including melee fighting with knives, sniper missions and real time action.

It's not enough just to succeed in the combat as you have to lead your soldiers through the best way which means you might even mave to move back towards your starting spot to avoid enemy troops. Remember that you have to avoid combat in any way you can as you don't have many men. Get this game now!

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (2.04 MB).


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