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Metal Mutant is an action game, where you control the eponymous machine, sent to the planet Kronox to find and destroy the insane computer AROD 7. Each level is not side-scrolling fluidly, but is divided into separate screens; upon getting to the edge of one screen you move to the next one. The Metal Mutant has the ability to transform into 3 different forms: humanoid, dinosaur and tank. Each form has different capabilities. For instance, the humanoid form can jump and the tank can shoot missiles. You'll need to change form often depending on the situation, as most obstacles and enemies can be only beaten by a specific form. Throughout the game, apart from fighting enemies (and bosses), jumping, climbing and so on, you will find additional upgrades which will give you more abilities. You'll also encounter recharge station where you can regain health.

'Welcome to Kronox The temperature is 35 degrees' And, I might add, enjoy your stay.

Metal Mutant is an action game in which you control a cyborg capable of changing its shape and in that way utilize a variety of weapons and equipment. You'll have to guide your metal character through a ton of different areas and screens, each with their own themes, puzzles and enemies.

In practice this will often mean progressing from screen to screen using a sort of trial-and-error method. You'll find out how to pass a screen, which weapons and tactics to use in another and how to solve a problem in the next. In the end you'll know how to pass each screen in the best possible fashion, and move on to the next save point. This process can be as annoying as it is rewarding at times, however you're bound to get it right in the end. Some levels are more complex, and will require a bit of moving back and forth between screens as well.

Your character is capable of changing into a dinosaur, tank and its normal humanoid form. Each has its own equipment and weapons you need to use in various situations. Examples are the dinosaur's flaming breath, useful against clouds of bugs, and the humanoid's magnetic hook, useful for getting out of sticky situations. Be sure to stay familiar with the various functions of the different forms, as you'll have to use them all at one time or another, and you'll find yourself changing forms quickly and often within some screens.

This naturally brings us to the controls, which I felt to be a bit awkward. To activate equipment you'll have to press and hold SHIFT and use the different numpad keys. You'll get used to it after a while, though. As a hint, there's a more defined way to change shape: F1 for humanoid, F2 for dinosaur and F3 for tank form. The keypad controls only forward your shape by one step (Humanoid > Dinosaur > Tank), which can prove annoying at times.

The graphics are nicely made, although not very special. The screens are usually interesting, and most of them contain something to look at. Sound is pretty sparse, and can become irritating after a while, however the game doesn't really need it anyway. The text you get with some enemies and with some objects or screens is also interesting, and makes progress itself a reward for your efforts.

In the end this game is certainly a lot of fun to play. With interesting levels and gameplay, you'll certainly be able to lose a few hours to this game.

A difficult side-scrolling action game, Metal Mutant is similar to Sierra's Thexder in that it allows you to transform at any time into three different robot forms, each with its own weapons. The range of combat moves and weapon choices are far greater than an average action game, as you can use torpedoes, axes, rope, tooth, and even a remote-controlled flying robot. Although billed as another action/adventure, it's really just an action game, although a very good one.

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