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The rabbit you control has ninja skills and an appropriate costume. Ninja Rabbits is a platform game where you usually go to the right, except sometimes you must go down into the sewers or metro and fight there. Enemies on various levels include street thugs, ninjas, bears and frogs.

Most screens have more than one enemy, but you only fight one at a time. Be careful to avoid the bouncing dots, as these sap your energy. This is depicted as a carrot which gets smaller as it fades - collect extra carrots to recharge it.

"A leakage at a chemical factory has filled the world with deadly nerve gases. The animals and people have become aggressive. Ninja rabbit is the only hope of finding the leak and saving the world from destruction."

Ninja Rabbits is a sidescrolling fighting game. This is the first game in the two-part series. The sequel is called International Ninja Rabbits.

As the name of the game suggests the player controls a ninja rabbit. You'll have to use his ninjaskills to beat up the various enemies in three different levels. The only "weapon" this rabbit carries is a wooden stick but don't worry, the enemies don't have any better weapons either. If an enemy manages to hit the rabbit his health bar gets smaller. It's depicted as a carrot in the top-left corner of the screen. You start the game with three lives but you can gain extra lives by finding carrots.

The enemies you'll see consist of other animals, humans and robots. You will have to fight only one enemy at a time. Some of the enemies are better fighters than others and take more hits to beat. Beware of dropping rocks and flying golf balls too or they will sap our rabbit hero's health very quickly.

The three levels in order are the countryside, the city and the factory. Each level consists of several screens. You can reach the next screen usually just by walking to the right, but sometimes you will have to jump down to the sewers or climb up ladders. If you get killed the game continues from your current screen.

Seriously speaking Ninja Rabbits has some flaws. The controls are terrible, animations too slow andit has only pcspeaker sound effects. The graphics aren't great either. You could expect more from a game with such an interesting premise. Nevertheless, if you like beat 'em up games then maybe you will like this one too.

The game gave me a good grin when I played it first. A rabbit dressed up as a Karate-Fighter with something like a sword fighting agains moles and other animals. All this in a nicely drawn environment. Not bad. But well... that's about it, the fact that you got a rabbit that is fighting here makes the game somewhat unique, but the longtime motivation isn't very high. You go around and fight, seen that before, nothing special. Controls are pretty well though and the fighting works ok. No smashhit, but a funny thing for those who don't take fighting games too serious.

Ninja Rabbits is a great conversion of Commodore 64 old game of the same name that stars Usagi Yojimbo, a furry ninja rabbit character. Usagi Yojimbo in turn is a star of a popular US comic strip by Stan Sagai, who created the character based on Miyamoto Musashi, famed Japanese Samurai legend.

The game is based around Usagi's quest to free his land from baddies and save the girl yet again. What set the game apart from most of the other 2D side-scrollers around that time is the fact that decisions you made on who to talk to and who to attack would alter the way you played the rest of the game. Slaughtering a civillian, for example, would give you bad karma and might turn the whole town against you. This is similar to Origin's Moebius, but with a much more immediate effect. This makes gameplay in Ninja Rabbits very refreshing and deeper than most other side-scrollers. Although the levels can be better designed, beautiful backdrops help sustain the game's attractiveness. Overall, if you enjoy action games with a difference, Ninja Rabbits fits the bill. It's not the most fluid or playable game on the market, but it is one of the most original-- with a cool ninja rabbit to boot.

I do not know if the makers of this game were trying to copy Usagi Yojimbo, but if they did they screwed it up big time. A scrolling action game with a ninja rabbit in the main role is not a bad idea, but it must be made good. And this one is not. Still, you might try it out if you really like action games with "martial" arts.

Conversion of the commodore game Ninja Rabbits to PC. You have to save your land from the bad guys and save the girl. You can choose wether you want to talk to someone or not. And killing a civilivian may have bad impact on you. The levels are nice designed with much variety inside.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.58 MB).


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