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A single screen real-time game where you play a cannon (machine gun to be exact) turret that "tries" to shoot down all incoming enemies. Fortunately, you have unlimited ammo! Unfortunately you have a limited angle of fire (anywhere but 90 degrees left and right).


If its not you, shoot them! That's pretty obvious in this game. However, enemies come in different forms: [1] Paratroopers jumping of [2] Helicopters and if you've killed enough of them, they send in [3] Bomber planes where you have to shoot the plane (first) or try to shoot the [4] Bomb (good luck!) or die trying (the bombs don't miss). Shooting bombs score the most points (50 points).

Note: Shooting at the parachutes have a more interesting effect then shooting the paratroopers directly!

Paratroopers have a special feature, after 3 (three) paratroopers successfully parachute in your backyard, the forth will climb up the human ladder and bomb your turret to kingdom-come.

This is paratrooper; one of the great CGA-classics of it's time. I think many gamers began playing this game long ago on some computer now long forgotten. This is the chance to relive old times.

There is not much else to tell about the game really, besides that even now it's still loads of fun. You control a big gun in the center of the screen and have to shoot down enemy helicopters, planes, bombs and paratroopers. You need to be particularly careful with paratroopers and bombs. Once 4 paratroopers have landed on any one side of your gun, they'll be able to climb up to it and destroy it. Luckily you can kill paratroopers that are already on the ground by shooting another paratrooper's chute when he's above him. Sadistic, but effective. The bombs are even more dangerous than paratroopers. They'll destroy you in one hit and every fighter pilot has a deadly aim...

You'll be defending your gun against wave after wave of choppers and planes. Each wave of paratrooper dropping choppers is followed by a wave of bomb dropping planes. Every time you survived both waves the action gets more intense.

As such you'll not really be fighting for survival; you'll be fighting to reach the highest possible score. Every chopper and plane will earn you ten points; every paratrooper (even when it's already on the ground) will earn you five. A bomb will earn you twenty points. Getting a high score isn't just about filling the skies with bullets, though, as every shot fired will cost you one point.

The controls are equally simple. You start moving the cannon left or right by tapping a directional key. The up arrow will fire a bullet and stop the gun. The continued gun movement can be frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it it's a lot of fun.

The CGA graphics are nothing fancy, but easy on the eyes. A plus as the game will get hectic very quickly. And for those who have fond memories of this game, there is the soundtrack consisting of the various combinations of pc-speaker meeps we all love (It may just be me, but they really aren't that annoying in this game). Go on people, start shooting and have fun!

Yet another of really, really old small games. Paratrooper is quite simple and easy game to play. You control a big surface cannon that'sbeing attacked by numerous enemy helicopters, jet planes and paratroopers. All you have to do is shoot at everything you see and try to destroy as many paratroopers and bombs as possible.

Where to start with this game??? It's really one of the most simple fun games I've played when I was 8 or 9.

You're a small cannon (really...) and you have to shoot all paratroopers dropping down out of helicopters. Also shoot the helicopters and the airplanes that drop bombs. If there are 4 paratroopers at one side of the cannon, they will kill you. If a bomb hits you, you will also be dead. Try to shoot the bombs before they can hit you.

It's one of the games that really reminds me of the old times, with very simple graphics and sound, but still being a very great game to play! This could be the best game to play if you don't know what to do and you only have a 386 PC in front of you. Go on! Check it out...

Before Windmill Software and CHAMProgramming, Orion Software was one of the first game developers that specialized in creating PC "clones" of well-known arcade games, usually from the extensive catalogs of Atari, Taito, or William. Lack of originality or official license notwithstanding, their games are excellent conversions of famous classics that, surprisingly enough, often look and play better than official PC ports. Aside from great gameplay, Orion games are also notable for being coded with a built-in timer - which means they work at the right speed even on modern computers. Kudos to the designer Greg Kuperberg for having such foresight.. it's not so often you find a 1983 game that doesn't need to be slowed down :-) If you can't get enough of Q*Bert, Pac-Man, or Paratrooper, check out these excellent classics that truly stand the test of time.

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