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There is a legend of the daughter of the Indian chief, who was in love with a European who came to the North America. I believe you'll all recognize this legend as the story of Pocahontas. If nothing else, it was made famous by Disney's animated movie (and its sequel), although it is only loosely based on the true historical facts.

The game before you is not based on Disney's film even though it came out in the same year as it (I bet that didn't exactly hurt the sale), but it is still not historical. As the name suggests you control the Native American girl by the name of Pocahontas and need to guide her through her adventure. But in addition to that, you will also get to control John Smith (and play his side of the story as well).

The game features a very good soundtrack and great graphics. You can control the character either with the keys or with a mouse (which is not the best possible method if you ask me, but it also gets the job done). During animation scenes you can always press space to skip them (the videos get boring after watching it a few time).

Apart from just jumping and climbing Pocahontas can also use some magic in the game (that's the puzzle part of it). There are some obstacles you just can't overcome yourself and you'll need the help of the world around you to overcome them. John Smith as an adventurer naturally caries a firearm with him (and you can shoot it).

The game has a practice mode (you can choose practice at the opening screen) so you can get comfortable with the controls. In the options you can also select the different levels of difficulty, but even the toughest level is still not all that challenging). Loading up a game means you can restart a game you've played before and saved. Pressing space during the game rings up the load/save menu (that's a very useful feature).

It definitely is a very pleasant game, but it seems a bit too easy. Personally I don't mind if a game isn't frustratingly difficult (it's easier to get into it and enjoy the gameplay), but if you want a real action challenge then I guess this game isn't for you.

To be completely honest, I guess the game was made with a slightly younger audience in mind (not hard core hack'n'slash gamers), for there is some cuteness in it as well (just take a look at the opening animation).

Well, if you really want to enjoy fun, somewhat simple and yet appealing nice looking and sounding moderately paced action game Pocahontas is the thing for you!

Pocahontas is a well looking arcade game where you play as the popular cartoon character Pocahontas (of course also well known from the books). You start the game by that you have to collect 20 feathers and then bring them to a man. Most of the tasks in the game are like this and nothing special at all.

The game is play as a side scroller where you have to jump around from different platforms. Unlike many other games you are quite close to the things which mean that both you and all the things you are near are quite big on the screen so this is a bit unusual for this kind of arcade. It also makes it a bit harder to play since you can't view that much of the area you are at (which again makes it harder to play).

The graphics are well done. It even seems the developers have spent a bit too much time on them so the actual gameplay has suffered because Pocahontas is just another game that had to be released to bring a game "bundled" with a movie like Disney are famous for doing. Nonetheless Pocahontas is much better than many other games in this genre and fewer games in this genre were being published in this period so it's positive that some game companies still were interested in this. An average arcade game with decent graphics but little gameplay.

Made before Disney's blockbuster animated movie of the same name and the subsequent game, GT Interactive's Pocahontas is an average true-to-the-story side-scrolling platformer that brings you back to the time when the Native Americans, with all their spiritual wisdom and kinship with nature, were attempting to live in harmony with the new English settlers. You will begin the game with Pocahontas as she seeks out her Shamanic guide to help her overcome obstacles and to keep peace between the white man and her people. In Level one, Pocahontas uses her agility to collect at least twenty feathers to exchange them with the Shaman woman for magic cards that help Pocahontas throughout her journey. Level Two finds Pocahontas trying to get through the forest while avoiding the spirit bear. In Level Three, you will switch to control John Smith, the American explorer, as he needs to shoot enough animals before night time while avoiding the bear. The next two levels alternate controls between Pocahontas and John Smith, culminating in the final level (seven) where you will control both Pocahontas and John Smith.

Although the levels are diverse and tie directly to the story's plot, the game overall suffers from awkward character movements and the too difficult gameplay that is best left to expert gamers only. Worth a look, but action game beginners should look elsewhere for their fix.


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