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You are the charismatic Drake Edgewater, a renegade prisoner who has managed to escape the iron clutch of the Kemo prison. Your new challenge is slightly different than the one you faced in the prison. There, survival "on the inside" was key but now you must survive in the "outside world."

Controlling Edgewater in his machine is the primary means of transport and attack. Armed with potent firepower, including a 50-mm Gattling Gun, flamethrower and guided missiles, you must traverse desert lands, urban jungles and city vistas in order to stop the evil Omnicorp Empire.

This linear-style driving and shooting game takes you through levels of varying difficulties and types in the main single-player mode. You and your Hover Cab 350 will have to complete a variety of tasks within these levels, many of which require brute force and precision. For instance, in one mission, you must rescue the "sophisticated" residents in Kriegtown from their Omnicorp Empire oppressors.

You also battle air targets in certain levels, including hover planes and airships. In a mini-game, you must enter the Death Derby where only the last man (i.e., car) standing is declared the winner. The game is also littered with bosses such as the evil Omni-Mouse at the theme park.

This futuristic driving game features support for a standard mouse, joysticks or the Thrustmaster Steering Wheel. Many sound cards, including SoundBlaster, are supported as well for maximum feedback during gameplay.

Quarantine II: Road Warrior is the sequel to Quarantine the driving game. As in the original, you still play the role of Drake Edgewater, a cab driver whose only goal is to escape the hell of futuristic Kemo City. Using his cab as the only way to survive, Drake accepts a series of special missions against OmniCorp. The money is used to repair and upgrade his vehicle with new weapons, as each ride into the city is risky business. Thus, from mission to mission through different parts of the town, he finally reaches the exit way to freedom.

From the perspective or someone who has never played the game before, Quarantine II: Road Warrior has somewhat of a curve to get over before it can be really enjoyed. The controls are touchy, the graphics are dark and tend to jump out of that darkness at you, all of which make the racing levels quite difficult. But what Quarantine II: Road Warrior does offer is enough violence and subversive sex to encourage the average gamer to persist. Blood, racing, and the occasional dominatrix, what more could any completely healthy, slightly repressed, 16-25 year old male ask for?

The premise behind Quarantine II: Road Warrior is simple enough. You're a cabby who in the first Quarantine game failed to escape the prison of a city that he called home, and now is at it again. It's like Death Race 2000, Escape from New York, Running Man, Duke Nukem all rolled into one. To call it original would be fallacy. But that doesn't mean it's not amusing. Each arena you enter has pedestrians who inexplicably feel it's their right to jay-walk. Some have guns and will attack you. All of them lose to the retractable spikes on your hood.

This isn't Crazy Taxi. Pedestrians are not potential fares. Instead you accomplish missions by going to a specific point where your mission awaits. They will explain what you have to do next, and you do it in the allotted time. In every mission you are given a certain weapons load out. You don't need to worry about upgrades or repairs either. Just do the task and move on. You've got over 100 levels to complete so you'd better get cracking!

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