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As Tal, your job is to single-handedly clear out the aliens who have invaded a desolate and destroyed post-nuclear earth. To have any chance of this, he must locate a sacred suit of armor. Not only will this protect him from radiation, and allow him to withstand some enemy contact, it also heals him, and enables him to float.

This means that the game has two distinct styles, with your character limited to jumping, and with only rocks (located around the screens) to throw. Once he finds the suit he can fly around the ledges, shoot the inbuilt Pulsar beam, and survive within the volcanic hideout the aliens have based themselves. You will need to recharge the suit at times, and also take it off to pass through tight caverns.

This is PC conversion of the game called The Sacred Armour of Antiriad created for C64. Game have received best praises from writers and critics, although somehow players never really played it that much, but still noone cann't deny that it's good.

Well, Rad Warrior should have been an example of "how to make conversion for PC in 80's". Graphics are done in CGA but they got most from what CGA has to offer. All background and creatures are precisely drawn. Music is unfortunally made for PC speakers and after tune FX in the game is a little rough.

It is obvious that programmers didn't care about make-up as much as they cared about the gameplay. Animation of Tal (main character) and enemies (alien creatures and robots) is almost perfect. You can experience something you thought impossible: you start CGA game that looks lousy and then goes smooth like a beautiful song (well, maybe not so smooth, but it's very impresive).

Story is somewhat usual. Alien force invaded your primitive planet and captured all of your race. More precisely, all but you. War is already lost, but you definately don't plan to leave it that way. What can you do? Destroy them all and free your people. How? Using their own mistake and a legend of your people.

Rad Warrior is a platform game with logical parts which are not hard at all indeed. You will have to wander around exploring jungle-like surrounding and picking up objects. You can run and jump and throw some rocks as the only primitive weapon you have. Your goal is to find the sacred armour, make it work and use it against invaders. Armour is actually cyborg-suit of some kind which can fly and fire lasers (what a change). Now when you can fly, you can get to the upper parts of this primitive world and attack alien base which is located in old volcano. Destruction of alien computer system will also awake volcano and destroy entire base, which means destruction of all invaders and freedom for your people.

Besides few elements, this games is briliant and sets itself apart from all other platform games. Even if you don't like this sort of games it is unlikely that this game won't give you lot of fun. Try it, play it, love it!!!

Rad Warrior is an early Palace Software (Barbarian) release that sets itself apart from other platform titles of the same period with puzzle elements and fluid animation. Despite 4-color CGA graphics, Rad Warrior takes full advantage of what the palette has to offer, and is a nice little game and well worth spending a few hours playing. You are the last warrior of your race, who must don an anti-radiation suit (hence the game's name) and fight the Oppressors who have taken your people captive. Level design is good, and there are many inventive physical puzzles that are fun to solve, although none of them is very difficult. Gameplay is very similar to Epyx' earlier Spiderbot, so those who like that game should definitely give it a try.

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This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download - Easy Setup (1.38 MB).


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