Roger Rabbit in: Hare Raising Havoc Download (1991 Arcade action Game)

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You need to help Roger Rabbit get out of each room he is stuck in so he can capture Baby Herman before Mommy returns home. You will want to try using everything around Roger. Make him pull, push, kick, slide, and jump on objects to see if they'll help him escape. A timer appears on the screen to show how much time Roger has left.

Hare Raising Havoc was made in 1991 by Disney. Now that's a quality guarantee. It is a side-scrolling arcade adventure starring the well-known duo Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman. Roger plays Baby Herman's babysitter. Herman's mother goes into town to run errands and warns Roger that if anything happens to Herman, he'll go back to the science lab. As soon as mom leaves, Herman crawls away, and locks Roger in. You must escape from each room, and catch Baby Herman before time runs out. This includes hopping, pushing, pulling, and using every single thing you can in an effort to escape. Basically what you need to do is prepare a set of traps, that Roger will fall into and accidentally escape a room (like getting hit on a head with the ironing board, moving the little green chair and then getting caught in the fan hanging from the ceiling). Your main opponent however is the clock (you'll hear it ticking and every few minutes you'll see how much time you still have left). It's useful to pick up those sand watches (they put some minuts back on the clock).

The graphics in the game are awesome for the time they were made, but what do you expect from Disney? The sound is really good, though it can be quite choppy (depends which sound device you choose). The music in the game is good, though I think it could have been better. But what really sets the game off is the presence of voices. Each character has its own voice. Some voices are heard even if you set the sounds to PC speaker!

I loved this game, and I am still playing as I am writing this review. I hope you will like this game too. So download it as quickly as possible. Don't miss out. I'd give this game a 4 because of the sounds choppiness.

Roger Rabbit returns with a vengeance in this semi-sequel to the average Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Although Hare Raising Havoc is still a platform game, this time Disney vastly improved all the facets of the game, from the graphics to more fun gameplay. Once again, help Roger escape his predicament through devilishly difficult levels. Good animation and soundtrack help propel an otherwise typical platform game above average. It's not a must-have, but it's fun for a while especially for fans of the series.

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