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Fleets of alien vessels are quickly approaching the Space Fortress! They are overwhelming and there is no chance of victory. However, they can be held off as long as possible. The space fortress weapons will destroy as many as possible.

Space Fortress is a static space shooter. The player sits at the controls of the Space Fortress and can alternate between management of targeting (weapons), power allocation, damage control, powerup retrieval and powerup usage. At all times, the radar image will be represented on the screen showing any approching enemy ships. By taking control of the weapons, the player can blast the enemies using several different types of weapons. Each consumes energy, and enemy hits deplete the space fortress' shield. Defeated enemies leave power-ups which must be retrieved with probes and brought back to the space fortress for use. The game ends when the space fortress is defeated: Either by having it's reactor go critical, or by losing all of it's oxygen and life support.

Space Fortress is a fun and unique action/simulation hybrid set in space. Your goal: "...defend your fortress as long as possible from enemies that endlessly increase in strength and numbers. This is much like an arcade game in that you are going for a high-score and nothing more, but also much like a simulation game since in the process of shooting down enemies you must allocate energy to the various systems on your fortress, assign damage control priorities, collect the powerups dropped by enemies, and deal with system failures as your different systems become damaged."

The game plays like a more sophisticated version of Missile Command, although you need more strategic planning and quick thinking skills than reflexes to succeed. You will spend most of your time allocating resources and issuing repair orders. While some reflexes are required in the action screen where you shoot down enemy ships, the computer targets them automatically and you can use homing weapons to lock on enemy ships (although these handy weapons are few and far between). Since you are in command of defense, your goal in the game is not to proceed from point A to B, but to last as long as possible. If you manage to get over 100 kills before you lose the game, you can consider yourself an expert.

With over 10 types of weapons, 30 types of enemies, 20 different systems (ranging from reactor, life support, cooling, and many more), cool particle effects, and excellent interface, Space Fortress is an addictive old game that will appeal to both fans of spaceship simulations who want something a bit simpler than Super Star Trek, and action fans who want something more sophisticated than a normal shooter.

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